The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

Two Worlds

As a spiritual being, the MIND is the primary world that you exist in. It is a spiritual world, and it belongs solely to you.


The primary world is not sensed by physical senses, nor can it ever be.


The secondary world exists outside of the mind and is known as the physical/material world. This is a place that you do not exist in, but the physical senses create the illusion that you do. All information collected by the physical senses, passes through the mind, and is sensed by the Self. The Self is the only part of this system that is capable of being aware, and therefore the only thing that is capable of experiencing life and consciousness.


The secondary world exists so that spiritual beings can communicate and interact with each other, because it is not possible for anything other than information to enter the mind of a spiritual being.


The images that you see in the secondary world, even the writings on this page, are not seen directly. You are not in the secondary world with them, but rather what you see is a reconstruction of them in the mind. As a spiritual being you were never out there with them personally in the secondary world. It is not possible for the Self to leave the mind.


The secondary world exists as a real and separate place. It is not created by you, or sustained by you. It is not an illusion rather the illusion is that you are in that place.


There are two worlds, the one that you exist in as a spiritual being, and the other one that you are not a part of. When you come to realize this, your attention will be turned on to the world that you do live in, and there you will come to find and know yourself.


The illusion that you are in the secondary world, is without doubt the greatest illusion to overcome. The reason for this is the amount of time spent focussing on the secondary world and what is happening there, and hardly any time is spent focussing on the primary world that you exist in. There is also the conditioning by others that the secondary world is the real world. People who say such things are referred to in the scriptures as ‘the blind’, because they cannot see the true place that they exist in. Those who are completely overwhelmed by the illusion, come to believe fully that they are a physical body, and therefore a part of the secondary world.


If the Self were a physical body, then the physical body would have to be inside the mind because that is where the Self is.


There are two worlds and they are of a different nature to each other. One is spiritual and the other is physical/material. Both are real and both exist independently. Because this has not been fully accepted, man has been divided into two camps, and each having their own theories based on their ignorance of one world or the other.


Materialists have come to the conclusion that the spiritual world does not exist, and spiritualists have come to the conclusion that the physical/material world does not exist.


Materialists argue that sentience is a function of the brain, while at the same time ignoring the fact that sentience is beyond their understanding. In an attempt to uphold their theories they have gone so far as to deny the existence of free will, while at the same time they attempt to exert their will on others.


Spiritualists argue that mankind’s sentience created the Universe and all that exists, and that nothing exists outside of mankind’s consciousness. They ignore the fact that the material physical Universe existed before sentient beings arrived. No sentient being has ever arrived in the Universe with the knowledge to create what they first perceive. In an effort to uphold their theories they claim that all sentient beings share the same consciousness, and that there is no me or you, there is only one. This of course denies any concept of individuality and makes us all equally responsible for everything that everyone else does. If there were one and we were all a part of it then there would be one awareness, one desire and one will, which would mean there could be no conflict of will or beliefs.


People are all in a strange place, torn between two belief systems, each of which claims to be correct, each with holes in their theories that can only be filled by what they have rejected. Those in the middle are left with twice as many holes to fill. This can only be done by those who are open-minded and put their preferred beliefs to the side.


To see reality in its fullness, you must use both sets of eyes; the spiritual and the physical. To close one set of eyes is to be ignorant of what it will reveal. So let us move ahead with both eyes fully open, and perhaps we can fill some of those holes in your knowledge.


There is much debate in the world today concerning the nature of reality, and what is real and what is not. There are basically two camps:


Atheists, who hold the belief that there is only the physical/material and that all things can and eventually will, be explained according to the laws of the universe (the secondary world). From the perspective of atheists there is only one life that is dependent on the functioning of the physical body. Therefore any concept of an afterlife, or a God, or anything of a spiritual nature seems illogical and absurd.


In the other camp (which is much divided), are those who believe that the Self is not of the physical/material, and therefore is not dependent on the physical body for its existence. Such people do believe in things such as life after death, a God, and the supernatural. It can also be said that many in this camp follow one religion or another.


From my perspective there are problems in both camps, and I mean ‘big problems’ yet few have the courage to admit this and until they do, both worlds will only become more threatening to peace and happiness.


There are two worlds and both are different in their nature, this is obvious to anyone who cares to focus on and study either. To deny the reality of either world is to put boundaries on the search for Truth and understanding. If a person only searches for and acknowledges the truth they are comfortable with, then how else can they be described as other than narrow and closed minded?


An atheist will say that the world operates according to laws, and they will conclude that anything that does not operate according to those laws cannot exist, or is unreal, but what is meant by the term ‘real’?


That which is ‘real’ is defined as such because it has two primary qualities, i.e. it can be affected, and can cause an effect. There is no way of evading this eternal Truth, and so the reality of anything that is capable of cause and effect cannot be denied.


Neither the Self or the mind, or indeed anything that is in the mind, can be said to be of a physical/material nature, and therefore must operate according to laws that the universe is not subject to.


Awareness, and therefore life and consciousness are unique, and cannot be found outside of a mind in the physical/material Universe.


There is science that deals with the physical/material Universe and there is science that deals with the spiritual world, and they are different branches of study requiring different methods, because they deal with different forms of reality. You cannot apply the same science to both because one is material and the other is immaterial.


Psychology means ‘soul science’, and it may surprise some of you to know that the bible is actually the greatest book on psychology (soul science), and is probably the most misunderstood book ever written.


So what went wrong? Why is the bible so easily ridiculed by atheists, who use logic and reasoning and even love to discredit God and the teachings?


Now you can expect atheists to take what is written in the scriptures literally, but the biggest problem is that those teaching what is written and those that follow such teachings, have also interpreted the scriptures literally.


They see but they do not perceive, they hear but they do not understand, because their whole perception of reality is based on the physical/material.


There were three problems facing the teachers of soul science and the path to Spiritual Evolution through unconditional Love and Truth; they were:


  1. The first problem was those who were to be taught must have reached a point in their Spiritual Evolution where they had become spiritually awakened. In other words, they must have come to realize the existence and reality of things that were not of the same nature as the things which were of the physical/material world.
  2. The second problem was protecting the teachings from those who were not spiritually awakened, because such people would be empowered by the knowledge to take advantage, of what they considered to be fools who could be manipulated and taken advantage of.
  3. The third problem was how to explain spiritual knowledge in a way that could be received and understood by those who were awakened and were not considered intellectual. This was overcome by the use of metaphors, symbols, and stories (parables) that had a hidden message that could be discerned by the spiritually awakened. These things of course would be interpreted literally by the carnally minded, ensuring the teachings would be hidden. So the teachers used things that were of the world as a comparison of things that were of the spiritual. A simple example would be; a grain of wheat represents a Truth, or bread representing food for the soul.


The art of this kind of teaching was all but lost or supressed until 2,000 years ago, but almost as soon as it was revived, it was stifled out again by the carnally minded, whose power was threatened by it.


It is no wonder that atheists ridicule the scriptures and those who preach them, but what I see is the blind, ridiculing the blind, who are led by the blind.


It is no wonder that religion has been used to commit so much sin, but it is a wonder how so many loving souls have been deceived and mislead.


It is no wonder that the world is the way it is, full of darkness and self-righteousness, but even now the dawn is breaking and there will be nowhere to hide from the light, which will shine into both worlds. Those who hunger for Love and Truth will be fed; I will weep for the rest.


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