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The Divided Mind

Ego is the Self’s perception of its identity. In other words, what the Self believes itself to be. A person acts according to what they believe they are.

A small child perceives only its true identity. It is so familiar with its super ego that it does not question the nature of itself. It simply accepts that it is not a material thing.

Alter egos, i.e. alternate egos, are false egos that are learned as the child interacts with the world, and with people who have become unfamiliar with their super ego, i.e. their True Self.

It is when a child first sees the reflection of its physical body, such as in ‘the rouge test’, that it is presented with the illusion that it is the physical body. To a child who has very little knowledge, understanding and reasoning skills, the illusion is very powerful, and even more so when encouraged to accept the illusion.

Before a small child sees the reflection of its physical body for the first time, it feels hidden and unseen, except through its eyes, only then does the child think that it is seen. It’s quite funny how a small child can cover its eyes with its hands and believe that it can’t be seen.

A small child has only one ego, one perception of its identity, its true identity,and because of this it has an undivided mind. This is why Jesus said, ‘you must become like little children’.

When the child is overcome by the illusion that it is its physical body, another ego is formed, one that is false yet seems real, but so does the Super ego. Now the child has two egos, two perceptions of its identity, and the child’s peace is lost as its mind becomes divided.

The loss of recognition of a soul's true nature as a spiritual being, and the formation of another identity, results in a split personality; that is to say, two distinct and opposing personalities. It is like being two distinct and different people, each taking its turn to rule, hence two masters to serve; one inherently good (the True Self), and one inherently sinful (the false Self). This is why Jesus said, ‘You cannot serve two masters’. (You cannot serve the true Self and the false Self).This is why a person can sin and then feel sorrow and shame for sinning. In Truth, you can only serve one master at a time, and while you are serving one, you are in denial of the other. Those who Love others are serving their Super ego, those who care only for their own needs are serving their false ego.

These perceptions of the Self’s identities reside outside of the Self in the mind, and they are referred to as the Self’s children because they were created by the Self. In Genesis they were called Kane and Abel, the children of Adam and Eve, (Adam the Self and Eve the mind), but before we consider the true meaning of the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis, I want you to consider the nature of the god and the doctrines that are being taught by those of religions such as; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. You should also consider what their interpretations of the scriptures are based on. Is it their Super ego or their false ego that is responsible for their interpretations? Are they based on spirituality or materiality?

The Father of a spiritual being is naturally a spiritual being.

The Father of a physical being is naturally a physical being.

A spiritual being relies on spiritual things for its life.

A physical being relies on material things for its life.

Does God rely on material things for His life?

If you had no mind, what would you be aware of?

Is mind a material thing; is it made of atoms?

Are thoughts and awareness made of atoms?

Is God a physical being?

Is Heaven a material place containing material things?

What is the nature of the Father that is taught by the keepers of the scriptures?

Has that father been reasoned by the Super ego (the Self-identity as a spiritual being? Or has it been reasoned by the false ego (the Self-identity as a physical being?)

Religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam have served only to reinforce the belief that we are physical beings that serve only the false ego. Are they leading you to God or away from God? Are they leading you towards knowing your true Self or away from your true Self? They are blind to the spirit and therefore can teach only of material things. How then can they interpret the Word of God?

‘I AM THAT I AM’ does not mean ‘I am a physical being’. How small they make God when they teach that he came down to Moses as a physical being that hid on a mountain from the rest of the world. How like themselves they make their god; angry, vengeful, jealous, possessive, and a murderer of his children.

The Truth remains in the Bible, hidden from the false ego, and Jesus was killed for revealing it, and their blindness.

Even now their religions, created by the false ego, are being replaced by Atheistic materialism and Darwinism, which serve only the false ego without the need for a God.

Now for the true meaning of the story of Adam and Eve.

The story of Adam and Eve is the revelation of the birth of every soul, yours included.

The Garden of Eden is a place set aside in Heaven where each of us were prepared for our journey to perfection. It is the place where we as spiritual beings (children of our Father), first experienced life.

Every spiritual being is capable of awareness, and so to become aware, requires something to be aware of. When we are aware of something we are experiencing life.

When we are not aware of anything, such as when in dreamless sleep, we are not experiencing life, or anything else.



It is through the things that exist in the mind that we experience life. The mind exists between the Self and all that is outside of the mind.

The Self exists within the mind

The mind is the Self’s domain


Even our Father has a mind, it is called Heaven

Now back to the Garden of Eden.

The Self existed before it experienced life; it was once a part of our Father.

The Self as a spiritual being first experienced life in the Garden of Eden. It had no mind of its own, but instead, shared a part of the Father’s mind, a part set aside east of Eden.

Eden is the place that contains the Father’s secret knowledge; the Absolute Truth yet to be learned by the Father’s new born children.

It is our Father’s mind (Heaven) that is the Mother of us all, for she delivered us into life, into awareness.

The word ‘God’ refers to Father (the first and supreme spiritual being) and Mother (the first and supreme spiritual beings mind). It is in this image that we are made.

The Love of a child cannot be commanded or forced. If it is to be of any worth then it must be given of the free will. It must be a choice made in the absence of fear or deceit, (which is the concealment of Truth).

If you Love someone let them go, if they Love you they will return.

It was in the Garden that the Self was given its own personal domain to rule, its own piece of Heaven; its mind. It is known as Eve, your life journey companion. This is the true meaning of leaving your Father and Mother and cleaving to your wife. Together you are a soul.

If it were not so then your earthly Father and Mother would be God, and you would not be able to experience life without an earthly wife.

Now to the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil:

Before Adam and Eve ate from the tree they were naked, they had nothing to hide.

Every soul was meant to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Without such knowledge a soul would be without choice, and free will would not be of any use, because the soul would be left with no choice other than to conform. If a soul didn’t know wrong then how would it know that right is right?

The serpent represents desire:

It was the desire for knowledge that tempted Adam through his mind (Eve). It was the mind that received it first and then gave it to Adam (the Self).

The next part of God’s plan was to send each soul to a place separated from Heaven so that they could learn for themselves the difference between good and evil, a place where they could learn for themselves, the Truth, and to Love each other, a place where they could become perfected by their own will. We know this place as the world, a part of the material Universe, a place from where God cannot be seen. It is here alone that evil is permitted.

It was only when Adam and Eve had eaten from the tree that they had something to hide. It was the knowledge of evil that they were ashamed of.

The skins that God gave us to cover us are our physical bodies.

The children of Adam and Eve are our egos, i.e. our super ego which is our identity as a spiritual being, and our false identity as a physical being. They are referred to as Kane (the physical identity) and Abel (the true spiritual identity).

Kane killed Abel by taking away his true identity. This is why it was said, ‘two will lie on a bed and one will die and the other will live’.

To experience life as Kane is to experience death, because the flesh has no life. To experience life as Kane is to experience an illusion, one that makes the Self believe that its life is dependent on the material world and upon the flesh.

Each ego, each Self-identity requires its own desires, its own state of mind, beliefs and reasonings. And therefore the Self that has two egos experiences two states of consciousness. Only one state can be experienced at a time, only one Self-identity can rule at a time. Whichever one is chosen becomes the master the ruler for its duration.

The mind becomes a divided Kingdom ruled by two masters, each taking its turn to rule, each fighting for complete domination, and there is the cause of the loss of peace in the mind.

This endless conflict can only be ended when the Self comes to know its true Self. Who is winning in your life, Kane or Abel?

If you are still spiritually aware and still have Love and seek Truth, you must become your own master; you must come to know your True Self.

Each day you battle against Kane and the world, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and feel ashamed. Isn’t it time that you ended this battle? Isn’t it time to commit yourself to one way, to being the only master of your domain (mind)? In the end there can be only one, let it be your True Self, a child of God. Only then will you find peace, and make yourself worthy of Heaven.

A house set against itself cannot stand.

It is your mind that is a temple; make your True Self the cornerstone.

The Kingdom is within you, make it as the Father’s, undivided, a place of Love and Truth. It is then that your light will shine and the Father will reveal himself to you, and your Love will be fulfilled.

Your father waits patiently while your will is done. He understands and always Loves you.

I am from the undivided. I was given some of the things of my Father to share with you, my family.

Love and peace


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