The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

The Way to Heaven

It is said that there are many paths to Heaven, many ways to God, but there are many religions, each with their own version of God and what their God requires of them. There are also religions that have no God, i.e. no supreme spiritual being.

Man has worshiped many things including nature and even science, and then there are those who have never heard of religion. This leads to the belief that if there is a God, then God has closed His doors to all except those He chooses to reveal himself to, and so every soul is born with either an unequal chance or no chance at all of ever coming to know Him.

I tell you in Truth that there is a God, and that His door is open to everyone, regardless of whether they believe in Him or not, and regardless of the religion that they may have been indoctrinated into believing.

Every soul is standing at God’s door, but few have realized; you do not have to believe in God to enter. If that was a requirement, then all God would have to do is reveal the reality of His existence to all of mankind, but then mankind would worship out of fear of being harmed hurt or killed if they didn’t. This of course would make God’s Love conditional, and conditional Love is not perfect Love.

This is how we know which God’s are false, that their Love is conditional. If a man or woman can show unconditional Love, even to the sacrifice of their own life, then they have made themselves greater than a God who cannot do the same, thereby proving that God to be false.

The One True God’s Love is unconditional, as is the Love in Heaven, and no-one enters Heaven unless their Love is also unconditional.

The door to Heaven is there for all to enter; there is only one way in. If you believe in Love it doesn’t matter what else you believe in, the door will open.

End the wars, end the competing, end mankind’s suffering; choose unconditional Love, for that is the only knock on God’s door that will be answered. Choose to share your brother’s suffering and forgive what he does in ignorance, until the day that you can share his Love and wisdom.

Love and peace


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