The Gospel of Thomas

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The Pursuit of Power

It is said that ‘knowledge is power’. It is also said that ‘money is the root of all evil’, but in Truth it is the pursuit of power that is the cause of man’s downfall, and it is the cause of all the evil that he does.

The downfall of man began with the birth of desire, but desire was not born of its own accord, rather desire formed within the Self when the Self saw a power that it did not possess; a power that the Self reasoned would enable it to have a greater experience of life than it already had.

Let me take you back now, to the place where you last experienced peace, contentment, and the warmth of life. There as you lay in your mother’s womb, fear and desire were unknown, and you had all that you needed. I want you to imagine and remember. I want you to remember your innocence, and what the world has done to you since. I want you to realize what it has taken from you and given you in return. I want you to realize the cost of the pursuit of power.

That place in the womb where two realms meet, was not your beginning, and neither will this world be your ending, for the world can only dissolve into itself that which is of the same substance as itself. That which is in the world came from the world, but that which is not of the world, came to the world, and it will leave the world.

I want to take you back now to the place that you came from, the place that the Self and mind are of, that place where you first experienced life. I want to take you back to the Garden where your journey of life first began. It is a place that I remember well, and it is a place that you will know once more.

Life in the Garden is experienced in the same way that it is experienced in the world, for there are not two types of awareness. Everything that can be perceived is real, but not everything that is perceived is understood. It is misunderstanding that creates illusion, and it is illusion that creates fear and the perception of need.

Misunderstanding is created due to a lack of knowledge, that is to say, a lack of Truth and correct reasoning depends upon the fullness of truthful knowledge.

Deception is a power unto itself, when it is created due to misunderstanding it is unintended and may be forgiven as an error of judgement, but when it is intended it is done so in the pursuit of power for the Self, regardless of the effects on others.

It cannot be denied that truthful knowledge will always triumph over untruthful knowledge, therefore any power that is gained from untruthful knowledge will eventually be lost.

I want you to imagine what it was like when as a spiritual being, you first experienced life in the Garden. You needed nothing, you had peace and security, and want was unknown, life was beautiful, you were cared for, loved, you were content, happy, and the power to experience this life was all the power necessary, for it was the power of awareness. There was nothing to compete with or for.

No good and righteous father wants to be the master of his children for all of their lives, for they would be no more than the oppressed servants of tyranny, who obey not out of Love but out of fear, not out of choice but no choice. If our Father wanted such things then there would be no need for this world.

Those who say God kills or orders his children to kill each other, or strikes down the wicked and disobedient, are in error, for if it were true, there would be very few people left in the world. God created Heaven, man created hell in his ignorance and pursuit of power. It is in man’s tormented mind that hell is found, and very few in this world have not known it, but it instils fear and obedience, and from it is reaped power by men over others, and even over nations.

When you first entered the Garden and experienced awareness, you were as a new-born, a new and individual spiritual being, a child of God in the womb of the Father’s companion; Heaven. She was your Mother but God gave you a companion of your own, so that you could experience life separated from your Mother mind, and now you had a mind within a mind, a kingdom within a kingdom, a life within a life, a wheel within a wheel. This was your day of independence, the day that you were set free to do your own will. ‘And so it is that a man will leave his Mother and cleave to his wife’, i.e. to his own mind called Eve, and his new mind was called Eve because with her began the experience of a new life and the beginning of a new life journey.

Now the Self (Adam) was free, but still had no choice because all that was known was goodness and righteousness. So God planted a tree in the Garden which was the tree of knowledge of both good and evil. This was necessary to enable a choice and for the freeing of will, for where there is no choice, will is not free and the Self cannot be held responsible for its actions.

Those who say that by God placing the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden, he led them into temptation, are in error, because God gave a clear warning of the consequences of eating from the tree. Because of this, God led man away from temptation, and so the temptation came not from God but from man’s own mind and heart. Even so, God knew that this would be, and that it was necessary.

So there you were in the Garden like all of God’s children, enjoying a beautiful life and having all that you needed, but your mind (Eve) saw the tree and showed it to you.  It was then that you saw a power that you did not possess; a power that you believed would give you more than you had already. It was at this moment that desire formed within the Self. It was the moment that the heart split into two; the moment when another choice was perceived. So your mind (Eve) ate the fruit of the tree first and gave it to you. The choice was entirely your own, and with each new bite, a little more of the life that you had was lost. This is how man fell from grace, and it was entirely necessary. God in His infinite wisdom, knew that if you Love someone, let them go, give them their freedom to choose. If they Love you they will return, and you then know that their Love is the same as yours.

Now the serpent that tempted Eve was of course the heart of man, and until the tree was seen, this heart had no desire that needed fulfilling. It was whole and content, so Adam was at peace, but when Adam saw the tree his heart was split between what he had and what he wanted, and so the two sides of the heart were set against each other. Where there was one heart, there was now two, and because the heart is represented by a serpent, there were now two serpents, i.e. man’s true heart and man’s new heart. It is because of this that man is destined to live with a broken heart, and the suffering that goes with it, that is until it is mended and made whole once more, for this, one of the serpents heads must be crushed. Only by choosing one is peace found. Only those who choose their true heart are allowed back into Heaven, for it is the heart of Love, a heart like the Father’s, the heart that we were born with.

That which is not of Love is not allowed in Heaven, for there, there is only one Way and it is the Way of Love. 

So it was that man had to leave Heaven and choose freely the way he would live. So God gave man an animal skin (physical body), to hide himself as a spiritual being and to cover his shame. He then sent him out of the Garden and into a far country which is the world, where he may do as he pleases until he turns from the world, having learned that Love is the Way and that only Love can heal and return the heart to its original perfection.


Souls are blind to each other, seeing only the skin (physical body), until they see with the Love in their hearts, and in seeing, they understand and feel the condition of other souls, and only then are they able to share the emotions and Love that others experience.

The Love you have inside will save you if you bring it forth, and it will reveal all Truth to you.

There are those who say that they do not believe in God, but I say which God is it that they do not believe in? If it is the God created by men in their pursuit of power over others and worldly wealth that they do not believe in, I am with them. Yet if they believe in Love they have believed in the one true God, even if they have not realized, for God is Love and here lies a mystery. Here also is the mystery of the words; ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. Listen and understand:

If you shine a light into a diamond, then that light fills the diamond becoming a part of it, that light is also reflected from it. Likewise, if your mind is full of light then that light permeates the Self and becomes a part of the Self. It is then reflected outwards. You see, whatever is in your mind becomes a part of the Self, whether it be Love or Truth. You become what you feel. It is said that God is Love and the Word because Heaven is filled with Love and Truth. The same is for Christ. The spiritual blood that runs through his heart is Love (the Holy Spirit).

There is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and there is the tree of life. It is only on the tree of life that no bad fruit is found, for its fruits give only life. Life therefore is all that is good and righteous, and those who eat from it seek no power, for all their desire is fulfilled and silenced.

It is the pursuit of power that draws men to do evil. They always want what they do not have and cannot keep. It is those who want nothing that silence the new serpent and find the true one. I have heard many cry; ‘Take it all, and give back what was once mine, for I have walked in the shadow of death and I seek the light. I have walked alone in selfishness, and I have nothing of worth’. These are the voices of those who will be saved. Those who have Love are already lifted out of the darkness and into life.

It is written in the Gospel of Thomas, in Logion 81; Jesus said, “Let him who has grown rich be king, and let him who possesses power renounce it”.

Those who have Love and Truth have that treasure stored in Heaven (within them) where it cannot be taken or affected by the world, therefore they are rich. Let them be a king (the ruler of their own domain/mind). Those who store up worldly treasures are servants of the world, and their worldly treasures are only borrowed for the time they are in the world.


The power spoken of is power over others, the power of deceit, wealth, fame, fear, all of which are used to control others for selfish means. To seek such powers is to become a servant of those powers. The humble seek no such powers, and it is these that are close to God.

It is very difficult for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom, this is because he will usually put a greater value on his worldly wealth than on his spiritual wealth and the lives of others. But if a man puts a greater value on life than worldly possessions, then he is not doing wrong enjoying some material things. If you give a man material things you help him out of material poverty, but if you give him Love you help him out of his spiritual poverty. It is not the things of the world that matter rather it is the things of the heart.

Let Love be your guide in all that you do, for a life journey in this world is short. Become as wise as your true hearts and as peaceful as doves. Then you will return Home and find what you left behind, and you will have conquered the world and found the true Self, the Christ within the perfected child of God, that was and is and is yet to come.

Love and peace


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