The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

The Gathering Storm

False religions are those that set man against man so that they hate, condemn and kill each other. History has shown that there are many ways to hell, but only one way to Heaven.

False religions are about domination of the many by the few, they are about gaining power over others and self-exaltation. They are religions of fear and the promise of material reward. Such ways have permeated all of society, where each is taught to compete for the spoils of the world, a world where a man’s power over others and his material wealth are seen as a mark of his worth. It is a world divided against itself; a world that cannot stand. It is a world of masters and servants where might is seen as right, and it is from this that man’s laws are created and upheld by force. This is why the worst of mankind has become its rulers.

There is so much social inequality, so much social injustice, so much social deprivation in the world today that the laws of man will soon no longer be tolerated by the deprived, and the law of the jungle, the animal instinct will rise to dominance in many. People will take what they want and destroy what is denied them.

The gospel of materiality and self-gratification and preservation, has been taught throughout the world. It is demonstrated by the leaders, even in religion, and the end result is almost upon the world. Can you feel the gathering storm? Do you not see the devaluation of life; your life?

There will be no rest in either Heaven or earth until all of God’s children are anointed by the Holy Spirit, not until every lost sheep is found and returned to the flock. On that day, there will be no more loving souls sacrificed on the altar of the world.

I did not come to claim authority over you, but to set you free.

I did not come to exalt myself above others, but to make all equal.

I did not come to deny the Christ, but to make the Christ known.

I did not come to divide you, but to unite you with Love for each other.

You will not find me in the desert or the secret chambers, for I am not of the world, and not in it. If you are to find me then you must look beyond the flesh, then you will say ‘I see you’.

I will preach the true Gospel of the Kingdom to every nation and then the end will come, and with it shall be seen a new Heaven and a new earth.

Love and peace


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