The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

The Fall of Man

Every child of God is born in innocence, for each is born in Heaven and there, there is no sin only goodness and righteousness, which is Love and Truth.

The Father is the creator of all things, and nothing exists that was not created by Him, this includes the Love and Truth in heaven, which is the Father’s mind/personal kingdom.

When the Father brought forth His offspring/children, they all shared the Father’s Kingdom in which they lived. This meant that the children’s Love and Truth was created by the Father, and therefore the children could only give back to the Father the things that He already possessed. Therefore the children were giving nothing that they themselves created or owned.

If a man gives back to himself the things that are already his then he profits nothing. It is the same with Love; it is the same with God’s Love.

One’s own Love for the Self has its reward, but when Love that belongs to another is received by the Self, the reward is far greater, as it adds to the pleasure of one’s own Love. This is what is meant by the fulfilment of Love.

If the Father’s Love was to be fulfilled, His children would have to leave Heaven, and only be allowed to return when they had learned to Love of their own free will. For this they must be given alternate choices other than Love and Truth. Only then could their Love be said to be their own. In Heaven only good had been known but now they must be given their own kingdoms and knowledge of both good and evil.

All of the Father’s children are referred to as Adam, which means mankind/children of the Father, and all go through the same process, from birth to death to life, whereas the physical body is born and dies because it is perishable.

In the beginning a child of God first experiences life in Heaven, which is referred to as its Mother. Then it is placed in the garden east of Eden, which is a part of the spiritual realm Heaven. Then it is put to sleep and given its own separate kingdom/mind where it is encapsulated. This kingdom is then referred to as its wife.

The Self is referred to as male as is also the Father.

The kingdom/mind is referred to as female; ‘Therefore a man will leave his mother and cleave to his wife”.

The next stage in a child’s journey is the awakening of desire. This requires temptation, but if the Father simply put temptation in the child’s way then the Father would have been to blame for the child succumbing to the temptation, and so when the Father placed the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden, the Father warned the child of the consequences of eating from it. Genesis 2:16 'And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.'

If the child then ate from the tree, it would be by the child’s own will and not the Father’s. Of course this was the way it was meant to be, that a child uses his own powers of desire and free will, without which he could neither take credit nor blame for his actions.

Now while in Heaven, the child was clothed with the light of the Father’s Kingdom/mind which it shared, and even in the child’s new kingdom/mind, there was a little light, and that light was knowledge of the Self and its spiritual nature, but when the child ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the child fell into ignorance.

Although the child had eaten the fruit and known the difference between good and evil, he could not tell which was right and which was wrong for him. Indeed his kingdom/mind was full of ignorance, and this could be seen.

The next stage came when the Father covered the child and its kingdom of ignorance, with animal skins, that is to say he sent them out of the garden and into the world and into a physical body.

Now in this new physical body the child became unsure of its true nature, and eventually came to have two self-identities, one as a spiritual being and one as a physical being. These two identities are referred to as the children of Adam and Eve.

The true identity as a spiritual being was referred to as Abel and the false identity was referred to as Kane, and the kingdom/mind of the child was divided between the two.

The child became gradually more and more involved in the world until it eventually came to believe that it was the physical body, and because of this its spiritual identity died, in effect, Kane killed Abel.

This was the death that the Father warned about. It is the first death that all of God’s children must endure until they are resurrected through the Love and Truth they strive to find, and in their search, they must suffer the tribulation.

The child’s journey begins in innocence and it must end in innocence also, but it must also end with unconditional Love and Truth.

The mission of a Christ is to help others to become Christs also.

The offspring of a bird grows up to be a bird.

The offspring of sheep grows up to be a sheep.

The offspring of a tiger grows up to be a tiger.

What do you think the offspring of a God grows up to be?

Jesus Christ became King of Kings.

God is King of, Kings of Kings, and the Father God of Gods.

Whoever shares the mind of the Father is one with the Father.

Right now you are a child, a son of the Father, which makes you a son of man. When you are grown you will be a son of God, and in sharing the Father’s Kingdom once more, you too will be a God. For this reason there can be no God’s in this world, only Christs.

If you are spiritually awakened, having some remembrance that you are a spiritual being, and you have understood what I have written, then you are ready to receive the secrets of the Book of Revelation.

Are you ready to begin your journey home? Then as your servant and brother I will guide you.

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