The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

The Calling Out

There was a time that I came into the world seeking those who were in need. I came as a humble servant, knocking on the doors of their houses, for in those houses, a little light could still be seen, and I knew that they had not yet been overcome by the darkness and fallen into the deep sleep, where forgetfulness reigns. I came bringing them bread and wine and oil for their lamps. I came as a physician to heal their sicknesses, for it is only those who know that they are sick that will seek and accept healing.

I came for the sinners, and who are the sinners but those who know that they have sinned, for if a man remembers what is good and what is evil, yet does evil, he is a sinner. But if a man forgets what is good and knows only evil, he has nothing to choose from except evil things.

How then can he be called a sinner, for a man must know the law before he can choose to disobey it? How can a man who knows only evil be tempted to do good? Likewise, how can a man who knows only good be tempted to do evil? Both rejoice in their accomplishments, but the one who does both good and evil rejoices and repents, therefore both cause suffering unto him, because both condemn his choices.

I came for the sinners, for in them there was a little light of life, and to each was given more. Their ignorance of Truth was the cause of their suffering, yet they had some Truth in them still, but it was because of their weak faith that they lived in uncertainty of the Way.

It is in the light that Truth is found, for it is there that all things are seen and can be measured. It is there that the darkness has no place to hide. It is in the light that life is found, and the greater the light, the greater is the life. Therefore in the fullness of light is found the fullness of life which is eternal.

Where there is perfect darkness there is complete ignorance of the light, and therefore complete ignorance of Truth. In such a place there is no life, only absence of life which is death. It is those who inhabit this place that are known as the dead, but even the dead shall awaken when the perfect light is shone upon them, and for them there will be much shame and repentance to bear.

Anything that exists in less than perfect light exists in a shade, and so its whole world is in darkness. It is only with faith that you have the ability to move, for without faith you are stuck where you are, and in that place you will wither and eventually die, not knowing of the fullness of life.

Those who are of the darkness, who are the dead, will hate and ridicule me, for it is the destruction of their house and judgement that I bring upon them, yet I will Love them no less. If it were possible they would silence the torment of my voice as they once tried to, but my words have not faded away nor will they ever. They are like a sleeping man whose dream is much pleasurable to him, when he is awakened he will be angry, but when he awakens in the light he will soon forget the pleasures that he found in his dream.

Those who are awakened, but not yet fully, will say in their minds that which has come is not possible, but in their hearts they will remember that all things are possible with God, then they will hear my voice and know who I am, and they will rejoice at the beginning of the new day that has come, one full of light and filled with the scent of the aroma of Love, and they will walk with me as the united family of the children of God.

I have returned, lean on me and let me heal you and guide you back into the light from which you came; back to our Father and your home.

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