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Taking Back the Throne Part 3

The Way

So here I am about to write the third and final part of ‘Taking Back the Throne’, and for this I will have to lead you to a place where few have ever gone. It is a place within that I stumbled upon quite unintentionally. Those who found this place in the past, founded religions based upon their teachings. Those religions always became fragmented after the departure of their founders, which was partly due to misunderstanding and partly due to ignorance. There were of course those who were materialistically minded and had no comprehension of spiritual things, and were in it just for the power, wealth and status.

Those who achieved enlightenment and Self-realization all taught the same basic principles, although they used different methods for different reasons.

It is my intention to reveal the Way once more, and as simply as possible. It is not my intention to gain followers as in a sect, but rather to gain people who will walk beside me as an equal, and if they choose to do so, become teachers themselves.

I went through stages to reach my enlightenment, and it did not take long or too much effort, there were just some things that I realized, and I am going to tell you what they were. You should keep in mind that it is the end result that matters, and so I ask for your complete trust. What I do is for Love and Truth and it is for you.

As you will know, in my pre-enlightened state I had lost all faith in there being a creator God, as taught by the church. I tell you in Truth that if I had believed in the God that they taught of, then I would not have become enlightened. So that is an obstacle I will have to remove from your path. If your soul can bear what I have to say then you will have taken a giant leap towards your goal.

The God Problem

You may find it strange that I wrote concerning my pre-enlightened state that I had lost all faith and belief in the existence of a creator God, and yet I have written quite a lot about the existence of a creator God. This includes the article; ‘Proof of God’. It would appear that I am sending out two messages, i.e.  ‘Lose your belief in God’, and ‘Believe in God’. This left me with a problem to solve.  I would not have achieved enlightenment if I had believed in the existence of a creator God and I thought neither would you. It was as if I was in a catch 22 situation, but was I?

Gautama Buddha had this problem too, and his solution was to teach the rejection of the existence of a creator deity, knowing that such a belief would be a hindrance to attaining enlightenment and nirvana.

My solution is in the answer to why a belief in a creator deity would be a hindrance, and how to overcome that hindrance.

First of all I want to look at what destroyed my belief, and I will do this by looking at the questions that I asked.

I think the most relevant and powerful questions that anyone can ask are; ‘Where was God?’ and ‘Where is God? For example:

Where was God when they destroyed the Temple and were massacring the Jews?

Where was God when the two world wars were taking place?

Where was God when they dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

You only have to look at all the evil that has been done in the past, especially to innocent people, to recognize that absence of divine intervention.

Are the Jewish people the only people that God chose? If this were so it would make God a racist wouldn’t’ it?

Is God so impotent that he has to get people to kill his enemies? Why can’t he do it himself?

Who can, in all honesty, look at this world and not ask ‘Where is God?’

Does God answer prayers? Be honest about that one.

Both organized religion and atheism deny free will, one denies its use and the other denies its existence, apparently God does not.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that the existence of a creator God is a reality. I can also tell you that He will not interfere with the lives of anyone in this material realm. To do so would negate the whole reason for its existence. It would also require interfering with free will.

Organized religion or indeed any belief in a creator deity, only leads you to become dependent, fearful, and full of conditional love.

If you are dependent you cannot know freedom.

If you are fearful you cannot know peace.

If your love is conditional it is selfish.

All methods of control are either based on fear or reward. The most successful method is based on both fear and reward.

The three main religions in the world use both fear and reward to gain converts and to keep them under their control. Their methods are as follows:

  1. Get the convert to admit to doing something considered a sin. This makes them feel guilty and lowers their self-esteem.
  2. Convince the convert that it is not possible to pay for their sin, and because of this, they are doomed to experience an eternity of extreme suffering after they die.
  3. Offer the convert not only a way to avoid the suffering but also a way to experience a beautiful life after they die.

This leaves the convert with a choice to either place themselves under the control of the religious organization and end up in Heaven, or suffer an eternity in hell for not doing so. Of course, no proof of the existence of either Heaven or hell needs to be given, because the convert reinforces the fear with the thought; ‘What if they are right?’  This is like entering a prison and locking the door behind you.

If God was the way that organized religion depicted Him then His Love would be conditional and imperfect.

If you can’t pay for your own sins then what is the point of repentance?

Is it possible for a man or woman to have more Love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness than God?

Why do people of organized religions murder, rape, torture, abuse children, lie, exult themselves, judge and pursue wealth and power?

What if they are not worshipping God but the Devil?

Both Heaven and Hell are states of mind. Where do you think organized religion is taking people?

Matthew 23:15 ‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.’

It is written that ‘there is no fear in Love’, and it is written that ‘God is Love’, yet how much has organized religion put the fear of God into many?

It has been said that if there were no God then all things would be permissible, but I tell you in Truth that only without Love do all things become permissible.

Standing Alone

I once wrote; ‘When you stand alone with nothing that the world can take from you, and only Love in your heart, then the gates of Heaven will open for you,’ but what does this really mean?

Standing alone means letting go of all the attachments that you have made. When you make an attachment to something or someone, you are claiming property rights, in other words, you are claiming ownership and control of it.

All attachments are emotional ones.

Making attachments always comes with a price, because what you attach yourself to also becomes attached to you, in other words, what you control also controls you. Property always has to be guarded and defended, and so the first thing that is lost is inner peace.

You know that you have made an attachment to something when you can’t let it go, or when its loss causes you great hurt.

All attachments to material things will eventually be broken, and it is then that you realize that there was no profit in them.

Now I am not saying that it is wrong to have material things, or that you should give away everything that you have and become poor. What I am saying is don’t make attachments to them, because they will take away your peace and control you, and ownership of them will become your priority.

If you attach yourself to someone emotionally you not only try to control them, you also give them control over you. There then arises a power struggle between you and them. For one to become dominant means that the other must become subservient, this is neither Love nor respect, and it is no more than conditional Love. True Love requires no attachment, it seeks no control or ownership; it is unconditional. If you want to know freedom, then respect the freedom of others. All that you can ever really own is within you, the rest is an illusion.

If you break an attachment yourself it will not hurt you, if an attachment is broken against your will, then it will surely cause you suffering. I broke all of my attachments, and yet I lost nothing.

Standing alone requires the complete emotional detachment from everything that is outside of the Self, and by that I mean detachment from everything outside of what you refer to as ‘I’. You must realize that ‘I’ means ‘I’ and nothing else

Keep in mind that ‘I’, ‘Self’ and ‘me’ all refer to the same thing.

There are two worlds that the Self interacts with, i.e. there is the material world, and there is your spiritual world within. The Self was the first thing to occupy your inner world. Everything that exists in your inner world except for the Self, was created by the Self, and therefore belongs to the Self.

In your inner world there is only ‘I’, and ‘my’. The Self is not what it has created.

The image or images that you have created of yourself are not the Self. They are something outside of the Self. They are illusions worn like masks.

Standing alone means realizing what you are and what you are not.

The Self is immortal and needs nothing to maintain its existence.

Standing alone means knowing and accepting your individuality and not being afraid of it.

The Self was made incorruptible and perfect. These things cannot be lost.

The Self’s inner world i.e. its kingdom, was made un-corrupted, but not incorruptible. It was a piece of Heaven. It was a place that you had as a child.

The material world was made perfect for the purpose that it was created for.

It is through the two worlds that we experience life, and it is in both that we reap what has been sown.

To stand alone means to stand in the Holy place, i.e. to be with the Self.

There is nothing within the Self’s world that has any power, other than that which the Self has given it through desire and faith. To take these two things away is to disempower everything in your world.

It is the Self that creates desire, and it is desire that causes movement. Without desire there is repose (rest).

The sign of the Self is movement and repose.

It is the Self that creates its images, and its images are its children, therefore the Self is the Father. We are all Fathers and we all have one and the same Father, i.e. our creator God.

The awakening is the realization that you are not of the material world.

The tribulation is the realization of what you have done to your world, and the attempt to put things right.

The atonement is the repentance.

Standing alone and letting go is the sacrifice.

The resurrection is the resurrection of the Holy Spirit of Love, the Christ within, the lamb that you sacrificed from the foundation of your world within.

It is then that the Self’s true image is revealed, the Self’s first image, incorruptible and perfect, made in the image of God. It is the image of Love, Truth and something that it did not have in the beginning, wisdom.

When you are ready, go and stand in the Holy place, and admit as I did that you have not been wise, but now you are and you understand. Choose to Love unconditionally, live for it; sacrifice yourself for it. What you have within you will save you if you bring it forth. Bring forth the Christ within and be saved.

Follow me, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Love and blessings, 


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