The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

Taking Back the Throne Part 2

A Journey of Discovery

When you first came into being as a new born spiritual child you possessed no knowledge at all. The first piece of knowledge that you gained was when you felt your existence, and that knowledge was simply ‘I AM’.

Knowledge is worthless unless it is felt. Feeling is the power behind all knowledge. So I want you to not only read what I write, but to feel it also, and in feeling, gain true understanding.

In the beginning we knew only what was good and right, and we had nothing else to choose from. Our way of life was already set out for us, and we could claim no credit for anything that we did. To be without a choice is to be without responsibility for our actions, and without a choice we had nothing to give that was our own. Without choice there can be no wisdom.

Things changed when we saw the tree of knowledge of good and evil and tasted its fruit. To taste the fruit was to feel the effects of both good and evil pleasure. This was a power that we did not previously have. It was a power to make us wise, but that first piece of wisdom brought the realization that we were not wise and with that came shame that had to be covered up. Taking the fruit would not only give us the power to choose the life we desired to live, but it would also make us responsible for our own actions, and the price of those would be praise or guilt.

Now we had the ability to do evil and that could not be allowed in Heaven, and so we were sent out of Eden to a place where we could learn and become wise. It was like God said; ‘You can do what you want but not here, come back when you make yourself Holy once more’.

So here we are in this material world and in possession of a physical body to interact with it, and with others in the same position. But what of our journey in this world so far, how did it begin, how far have we progressed, and how will it end?

Crossing the Barrier

Crossing the barrier between Eden and this material realm is no more than an altered state of consciousness. Our instincts remain intact, but previously held memories are sealed, and so we arrive in a state of forgetfulness, each time we enter this material realm for a new life journey. The barrier itself is a kind of no man’s land. It is a place of judgement from where the Self is either reincarnated back into the material world or allowed into Eden.

The shortcut to Eden is through enlightenment which allows the Self to live out the remainder of its life journey to show others the way.

Spiritual masks are created and worn, for the purpose of presenting an image of our personality to those who would look upon us.

The first mask was created for us, and the image that it presented was that of being pure and innocent, content and confident. When we were in Eden we possessed the image that God gave us, and we brought that image across the barrier with us, and into the material realm, and even though we found ourselves in possession of a physical body, we knew that that body was not a part of us, it was just something that we could somehow control and were trapped in. We had all that we needed except for wisdom.

The Wonder of Wisdom

The first requirement for gaining wisdom is a choice, and that came when we discovered the knowledge of evil and tasted its fruit.

The fruit of knowledge is its effect, and we have come to learn that the fruit of knowledge can not only be sweet, but it can also be bitter.

When we gain wisdom we come to realize that all of the fruit of the knowledge of evil is harmful, regardless of its taste. We also realize that all of the fruit of the knowledge of good is beneficial, regardless of its taste.

It is plain to see that what is good can have either a positive pleasurable effect or a negative hurtful effect, and the same goes for what is not good. There are many in the world today, who regard anything that is pleasurable as positive, and anything that causes them hurt as negative. The problem is that they absolutely reject and go out of their way to avoid even thinking about anything that will cause them hurt through their empathy. In other words, they love the Truth when it is pleasurable, but hate it when it is not. They love those who love them but turn their backs on those that don’t. This is of course conditional love; it is love that serves only the Self.

Righteous wisdom cannot be gained without considering that which is not good and right.

Without both a positive and negative there can be no flow of energy from one to the other, and it is in the flow that wisdom is found.

Love is the greatest of pleasures when combined with wisdom, but without wisdom it can cause the greatest hurt.

Love is the meaning of life, but wisdom is its guide.

You had love from the moment you came into existence, it is for you alone to find the wisdom to keep and protect it, and even if you are left with only a single drop of love, wisdom will replace and make perfect all that you lost. There lies the Wonder of Wisdom and the meaning of WoW.

Resistance is not futile

When as spiritual beings we came across the barrier and into this material realm, we arrived forgetful of our past, but we did not arrive completely devoid of all knowledge because there were certain things that we knew from the moment of birth, in other words, we arrived in possession of natural instincts.

A calf for instance, will stand on its feet and will know where to find its mothers’ milk, a new born baby will also recognize its hunger and need for food and how to obtain it. There is no doubt that we come into the world with natural instincts, and there is no doubt that they are based on already held knowledge.

What I want to talk about here are the three most basic instincts which are: Self-preservation, the acquisition of pleasure, and the avoidance of pain.

It is claimed that these instincts are programmed into the DNA of the physical body, and that because of this neither the free will nor the spirit exists. If this were true then it would present a big problem, because you would not be able to resist the instructions of your DNA. In other words, you would not be able to overcome your natural instincts, you would have no choice but to obey, and resistance would be futile, if it could even be considered.

So what is in control of your actions, the physical body or the Self as a free willed spiritual being?

If the instinct of Self-preservation were in the DNA, then no-one would be able to sacrifice their life, and especially not for the benefit of someone else.

But people can and do lay down their lives for others, even for people they have never met, even for their enemies, and even for animals. Even those who were once considered selfish and unloving can turn and sacrifice their life for others. Resistance is not futile.

If the instinct of avoiding pain were in the DNA, then it would not be possible to choose to suffer oneself in order to save others from suffering, without a reward for doing so.

But people can and do suffer for others without the prospect of a reward, and some do it even for those who hate them, even for those they have never met, and even for animals. Resistance is not futile.

If the instinct of acquiring pleasure for the Self were in the DNA, then it would not be possible to put other people’s pleasure before your own, and it would not be possible to avoid the pleasure of evil.

But people can and do, because they have free will and they have a choice. Resistance is not futile even in the face of great temptation.

DNA does not control the Self, it is the Self that controls DNA, and its resistance is futile against faith.

The End of the World

The idea that the world is coming to an end is not a new idea, but today that idea has become more of a prospect than it ever was. Nature has always possessed the ability to wipe out all life on earth, but what is even more frightening is that mankind now possesses that ability also.

Fortunately the tools to end all life on earth are in the hands of the spiritually dead who are selfish and greedy and seek only power, wealth and safety for themselves, so they won’t destroy all life on earth because they would have no-one to serve them or rule over.

Unfortunately they are completely incapable of empathy, and they will kill everyone who they consider to be useless eaters, i.e. those who do not contribute to the kind of world that they want to build and control. They will also kill anyone who stands in their way. They are Gods, and all that they have has either been given to them freely or they have taken by deception or force.

It is not this world that is coming to an end it is your freedom, because the more you submit the more will be taken.

To control this world they must first control your world within.

Things have become so bad in this world that many have come to hate it, and to hate their life also. Many are praying for an end, some even pray for a world war. Some pray for aliens to come from the stars, and some pray for the return of a saviour, one who will lead an army into battle, slaughtering men, women and children who they consider as unrighteous.

Many search for prophecies in the hope that they can discover when and how the end will come, and they make foolish claims that never happen.

This world will not end, and the fear and suffering of every soul will not end, not until their world within is destroyed and replaced with a new one.

The Christ and the kingdom of Heaven are within you. These and the way to possess them, is written in the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. It was never about the end of this material world. If the material world was worth more than us, then we would have been removed from it long ago.

Now is the time that you must turn from saving others and the material world, and instead save yourself, and your world within. Only then can you save what is outside of you.

Part 3 of Taking Back the Throne is the final part. If you have faith in me and stay with me, instead of dropping out, then I guarantee your enlightenment.

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