The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

The Secret Knowledge of the Soul

When the children of God first came into the world, they brought with them the knowledge of the soul, i.e. the secrets of the Self and mind, but this was all but lost except for a few who had not been overcome by the world, or fallen asleep into forgetfulness.


It was in ancient Egypt that this secret knowledge was first used for selfish purposes, to rule over and dominate the masses. This was done by adulterating the teachings that were given to the people. You may have noticed the similarities between Egyptian mythology and Judaism, for instance; Set or Seth in Egyptian mythology and Seth in the Old Testament. However, Seth in Egyptian mythology killed Osiris, whereas in the Old Testament it was Seth who was the good one who replaced Abel. The Pharaohs and their priests had adulterated the teachings to legitimize their greed for wealth and power.


Judaism re-established the original teachings that were righteous but as time progressed, these too were taken over and used by those seeking power over the people, and so the faithful teachers had to go underground, i.e. they had to teach in secret, knowing that if they were discovered by the deceivers, they would be killed. So it was that the righteous teachers began to hide their teachings in symbols and metaphors. In this way they could speak openly and not be discovered by the carnally minded. It is Love and Truth that threatens the unrighteous, those seeing power and wealth.


Eventually almost all of the secret teachings were lost, and so a New Testament of them had to be given. Onto the scene came Jesus Christ, who began teaching what had been lost or hidden. His threat to the authorities soon became noticed and they set out to silence him, his followers and his teachings. There then followed a ban on his teachings, along with the teachings of any theology that presented a threat. This also included Egyptian mythology. It is a miracle that the world has any of the secret teachings left, but it does and it lays beneath the veil of the scriptures, and the authorities and false teachers are blind to it.


The Church of today is a false Church, set up to block the path into the Kingdom of Heaven, but the true path will be revealed once more, never again to be hidden. There are many today who follow the teachings of the false church. They have felt in their hearts that there is something wrong, something they can’t quite accept. But they feel that there is nowhere else to go. They are drawn by the Love and Truth, but they have to contend with teachings that offend or confuse them, they are given a little honey in a cup of bitterness. They fear to ask the questions that their heart wants to ask, and when they do they are told that ‘God works in mysterious ways’. God is neither a denier of Love or Truth. He does not leave any door closed to those who knock. He does not block paths but seeks to open them.


There is one who claims to be Christ’s representative on earth, if it were so then there would be no mysteries to him, and he would not put the reputation of the Church before the sufferings of those that members of its ranks have abused.


Many are converted and made to follow a religion by the use of fear, and this is perhaps the most evil of methods. They promise salvation by first creating hell in your mind, and they will only end the torment if you submit your whole life to them and their teachings.


It is written; ‘ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves’.

Hell is the place of fire; it is the righteousness in the mind confronting that which is unrighteous. It is love’s judgement, but Love also cries out for the loss of what it has been attached to. It is the fire that burns the tares. It is the cord that binds souls. Hell belongs to those who love the worldly things; Heaven belongs to those who love each other in righteousness.


Some say that Jesus died to pay for your sins, yet Jesus said the Truth will set you free. Can any truly loving soul be at peace knowing that someone else has suffered and died to pay for what they themselves have done wrong?


Jesus said; I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me’, and they do not understand that he meant through Love and Truth i.e. through the Holy Spirit and the Word.


There are many false vines in the world whose fruit is spiritual poison, and they will all be uprooted. The merchants of this world will also be dis-empowered.


If you have even a little Love and recognition of Truth, then you are already on the narrow path home. I am here to guide you the rest of the way and out of this world of darkness, confusion and suffering. I am the faithful servant of Love and Truth, and I am your servant.


Let Love and Truth have its way, and bring peace and joy to the world and your life.

Love and blessings


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