The Gospel of Thomas

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Powers and Principalities

When I began looking at the scriptures it became obvious that they contained elements that were not being taught in doctrines, and without those elements, it is impossible for anyone to truly understand what the scriptures are really all about. Further investigation revealed that the missing elements were deliberately excluded by those who high-jacked Christianity and from it formed a false church which they could use to deceive and enslave millions for their own power and wealth.

A New Testament was only needed because the Old one had been corrupted, but even the New Testament has become corrupted, and it has been marketed with incredible skill.

The next time you watch adverts on the TV you should take note of how they are designed to attract you to the product. First they create pleasurable feelings in you and then you associate those feelings with what they are trying to sell you.

The next time you walk into a church consider what you are feeling and seeing, because you are being prepared for the product they are selling.

So I want to tell you here about some important parts of the scriptures that have been removed from teachings. Without them you will not find what you search for in the scriptures, and things such as the book of Revelation will always remain a mystery to you. Incidentally don’t you think that there is something very wrong when the Pope, who is supposed to be Christ’s representative on earth, cannot interpret Revelation?

You will find throughout the Bible, and in scriptures that were not included, the mention of 4 power and 7 angels. The 4 powers are also described as 4 beasts and 4 horses. They are also represented symbolically as animals such as a lion, ox, calf, bear etc.  The image of each beast is portrayed according to how righteous or unrighteous it is. Powers are also represented as horns.

Each of us has these 4 powers, and we must learn to tame them and control them, making them obedient and righteous; until we do, they will control us.

We all begin our life journeys with the 4 powers, and they are all righteous. It is only when we come into this world that they become corrupted, and they begin to rule our life. We do not even realize that they are the reason for our actions and sufferings.

In the beginning those 4 powers were:

Light, Righteous Desire, Righteous Judgement, Life.

When these 4 power are corrupted they become:

Darkness, Unrighteous Desire, Ignorance, Death.

In the darkness we are spiritually blind, and we do not see the Truth, we don’t even know where we are or where we are going.

When desire becomes unrighteous, the heart becomes evil, and we think only of our own pleasure, we become completely selfish and absent of empathy, compassion and forgiveness. We forget who and what we really, and we cannot experience the true Love that is spiritual.

When our knowledge and understanding become corrupt, we lose the ability to judge righteously; we lose all sense of reasoning, and yet believe that we are wise.

The 4th Power is the final power, it results in either life or death of our first image, the image that we first began our journey with. It was an image that was Holy.

This 4th Power is dependent on our 7 spirits that were created in the first 7 days of our life journey. These spirits are referred to as guiding angels. It is their light that gives us life, but when we allow their corruption they bring only suffering and death.

In scripture all spirits are personified, that is to say they represent a quality or concept by a figure in human form. All physical beings mentioned in the scriptures are personified spirits, and it is our spirits that form our character.

These are the powers and principalities that we struggle against in life. We either become their master or they become ours.

The 7 spirits/angels are mentioned in the Gospel of Mary, Chapter 8 (or what is left of it). Chapter 8 speaks of her struggle against the powers and principalities and how she overcame them. I have posted the Gospel of Mary so that you can read it yourself here: The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

In Revelation 1, we see the 7 angels in their righteous form, and Jesus Christ holding their light. In Revelation 2 and 3, we see how those angels were brought under control, and in Revelation 4 we see the image of the perfected Self.

In Revelation 6, we see the Christ Self setting out on its life journey with the first of the 4 powers/beasts, which is symbolically referred to as a white horse. In Revelation 19:11 we see the return of the Christ Self on a white horse as the conqueror. In between these verses we see the judgement meted out by the 7 angels that have been made righteous servants.

Tell me, how do they expect you to fight against the powers and principalities if they do not teach you how to or what they are? But then if they did, they would have no power over you, and your attention would be on their powers and principalities, and the false representation of the God they created in their own image.

When the scriptures speak of ‘man’ they speak of personified spirits.

There are many levels between perfect light and perfect darkness, and so it is with righteousness and unrighteousness, and we have all walked through that valley and we have all left our footprints in that valley, but it is not a place we have to stay in.

We all began our life journeys in the light, we are all equal in worth, all precious, and all deserving of Love and Truth, regardless of our powers and principalities and where they have led us. That is why we forgive and Love one another.

The Christ in me beckons the Christ in you.

I have much more to say in my writings, but for now I bless the spirits of Love and Truth, without which I would be nothing.

Love and blessings,


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