The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

Out of Darkness Cometh Light

We live in a world where deception is more profitable than honesty, where hate is expressed more passionately than Love, and where the lives of others can have less value than personal pleasure. In such a world it is those who have empathy that are perceived as the weak; as fools and easy prey to be deceived, controlled and taken advantage of. Is it any wonder that the world is in the state that it is? Is it any wonder that so many people are praying for an end of this whole damn mess, and the suffering of living in such an insane and alien world? Is there any hope for peace, Love and Truth? Is there any hope for life on this God forsaken planet?

If there is it will come through knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It will not come through religions that have been built on misinterpreted and corrupted texts. It will not come from those who seek to profit from dominating others by manipulating their fears and desires.

If you want to experience peace, unconditional Love, and the power of Truth, instead of their opposites, then listen and understand.

Of all the knowledge that has been available to mankind, the most important and least understood has been knowledge of the Self. Why is that so important? Because by knowing your Self, instead of existing on auto pilot, you also come to know and understand everyone else and why they behave as they do. Until then you will look at the behaviour of others and wonder why or how they could do what they do, good or bad.

The world is the way it is because people do not understand the reasons for even their own actions and feelings; how then can they expect to have any control over them? We are going to change that, I am going to open your eyes so that you can look into your soul and the souls of every other sentient being, and nothing will be hidden from you again. If you want to know how something or someone works then you must start with the basics. I can guarantee that by the time you have read this article, your whole view of life will be changed in ways you could never have imagined.

Before the point of my absolute enlightenment, I had lost any belief in a God and any prospect of an afterlife became meaningless. After suffering a life like I had my only hope was that there was no afterlife just an end to awareness and suffering. I had studied a lot in search of spiritual knowledge, concerning the paranormal and supernatural. I guess I was just searching for a meaning to my life and for my existence. But for all the knowledge I had gained my hands were still empty of proof. It may seem strange but enlightenment was the subject I never gave a thought to. For me to accept something as truth I had to both experience and understand it fully. It had to feel right and not just because I wanted it to.

All my life I was driven by an unseen force, one that compelled me to put the happiness of others before my own. There were times that I tried to rebel against this overpowering force that caused me to suffer so much in silence as I was used and abused, but it always won in the end. There were many, many times when I was alone with my thoughts, asking myself, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I?’ ‘Why me?’ ‘Why am I like this?’ I felt different and alone. I was shy, humble, forgiving, and I felt inferior and felt unworthy of being loved, and to be loved was all I really wanted.

Love was my true nature, but I was unwise as its keeper in not accepting it fully, and my out of control empathy became at times almost too much to bear. I had not been doing what I wanted in life, but what others wanted me to do. I was being untrue to myself because of the fear of criticism and rejection.

I realized that you cannot be your own master when you are serving the unrighteous and selfish desires of others.

I chose to be true to myself. I surrendered to righteous Love completely, and in a moment I was as if reborn as Love permeated every part of my being, and I understood everything.

Predators and victims

We all understand what is meant when we speak of predators and victims in the animal kingdom, and we know what it is like to face someone who is bigger, stronger and armed with more powerful weapons, but we have ways to overcome such threats, and that is how mankind has managed to survive. There is however, predators amongst mankind who do not need to possess great strength or weapons that cause physical harm or death. Such predators, simply use psychology, leaving their prey defenseless and controllable, and it is fair to say that women have suffered the most from these psychological predators.

Psychology simply means ‘soul science’, which is the study of how and why sentient beings behave as they do; good or bad.

The biggest deception concerning the Bible is that people have been led to believe that it is about life in this physical, material world, and that everything that is written in it should be interpreted literally. The religious authorities were safe in their deception as long as people were afraid to question their teachings. The religious authorities knew from the beginning that there were scriptures and indeed people, that were a threat to the organization they were attempting to build, and so they embarked on a quest to wipe out and silence anything that would challenge their doctrines, by labeling them as heretical.

Gradually people did begin to question and what they discovered was a multitude of contradictions between scriptures that were interpreted literally.

It is obvious that the authority of the religious organizations and their deception has gradually become weaker, and the power that they had over people is fading fast.

Eventually these religious organizations will collapse completely, and if nothing is corrected concerning the interpretation of the scriptures, an incredible amount of spiritual knowledge will be lost.

It was not to give an understanding of the physical/material world that the scriptures were written, but rather it was to give you an understanding of yourself as a spiritual being, the spiritual kingdom within, the spirits that you possess, and the path to your spiritual evolution.

I am going to teach you the true interpretations of the scriptures and how to interpret them yourself. You will then come to realize what has been hidden from you and you will possess the greatest secrets of all time. At first you will become troubled, then you will become astonished, then you will rule over the ALL.

A New Journey begins

It is said that every journey begins with the first step, and so if you are ever going to know and fully understand yourself, I will have to take you back to that first step of your present life journey. You should realize here that I am not speaking of a journey taken in the physical/material world, but rather a journey taken in the spiritual world. It should also be realized that the Self must have existed before its first step was taken. Let’s go back to where your life journey as a spiritual being first began.

Imagine being in a dark empty space in a state of perfect peace. There is nothing outside of you to disturb your tranquility. It is as if you are blind and deaf, because there is nothing to be seen or heard. There is nothing out there to be aware of, and there are no memories that can be recalled, because none have yet been created by the Self, in this its new and virgin kingdom.

In this state of perfect peace the Self feels no sorrow, no joy, and no perception of need. But all of this is to change as the first step is about to be taken.

For as long as the Self has existed it has done so with the ability to feel, whether it is a feeling of perfect peace or otherwise. When the Self experiences the same feeling for a prolonged time it becomes bored, so the feeling becomes dull and uninteresting, to the point that it is no longer recognized.

This is what happens to the Self before it begins a new life Journey. The Self has become so familiar with itself and its single feeling that it exists in a state of ignorance. The only thing that can end this state is the recognition once more of the only feeling that the Self has. It is through the recognition of this single feeling that the Self realizes that which is experiencing it, i.e. the Self.

It is by the recognition of our feelings that we know that we exist. I feel therefore I know that I exist i.e. I feel therefore I AM.

Self-realization is the first truth that the Self perceives, and with this first truth it is as if a candle has been lit in the darkness, and the Self saw the light that it was good. It was in this moment that the Self, in its new life journey, first felt pleasure. The two feelings of peace and pleasure had now merged into one, harmonizing to form a state of pleasurable peace. It was then that the Self realized that if one truth can cause a feeling of pleasure, then greater pleasure can be experienced from the light of many truths.

The Self turned its attention from the truth it had realized, and with nowhere else to look, it turned its attention to itself and a question formed; ‘What am I’.

The inability to answer this first question caused a disturbance in the Self’s feelings, and both pleasure and peace were overwhelmed by a new feeling. The warmth of the pleasure that had been felt beneath the surface became a raging heat, rising to shatter the surface as desire became a passion.

The end of the beginning had arrived with the rise of desire and the loss of peace and as the heat rose above the shattered surface it caused a wind that would move the Self on its journey of discovery.

A Recurring Dream

When I was a young child under the age of five, I had a recurring dream. It was so vivid and disturbing that I never forgot it. I knew that it was important and I tried many times to interpret its meaning, but understanding always eluded me; that is until my enlightenment. I want to tell you about that dream now, and what I realized concerning its meaning.

My dream began with me looking out across a vast expanse of water. It was so calm that its surface looked like glass and as I looked I felt the stillness, and my whole being was in a state of perfect peace as I bathed in the tranquility of the water. But everything was about to change.

As I looked at the surface of the water that had been like glass, a disturbance arose upon it. It began to shatter forming small sharp spikes, and I felt every one of them as they permeated my whole being. Where I had felt peace I now felt suffering, it was like being in a heightened state of nervousness.

As I looked out across the expanse of shattered glass, I saw a ship on the horizon, an old galleon sailing from the right to the left, and my dream ended as I awoke as if from a nightmare.

It would be half a century before I would first begin reading the book of Revelation and see for the first time, a reference to ‘a sea of glass.’ It was then that I realized the meaning of my dream.

Revelation 15:2 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.

I will be publishing my interpretations of the Book of Revelation at a later date, but for now I want to focus on the ‘sea of glass.’

Imagine being adrift in the middle of a vast expanse of water, your head is above the surface, but the rest of your body is beneath it and you are alone.

As you gaze across this vast expanse of water, revealed by a dim light from an unseen source, you see the reality of it, and as you look down at the surface closest to you, the reality of your own existence is confirmed, as you see for the first time the reflection of your own image.

You cannot see what is beneath the surface, but you know that there is something because you feel it.

To see something is to receive and be affected by the light of its image.

To feel something is to be affected by its touch.

Consciousness is seeing, awareness is feeling.

The strength of these two senses depends on their development, and that development depends on the Self’s ability to focus its attention. It is the same for all five senses. How much you focus on something will result in it being vague or plain, in other words, not understood or fully understood. That is why it was said; ‘They shall see but not perceive, they shall hear but not understand.’

Images can radiate many levels of light. The Truth has always existed, but the light of the Truth has remained concealed within itself until realized.

The darkness is no more than a room full of unlit candles, and beneath each of them there is a page upon which the Truth is written, but a page cannot be read until its candle is lit. It is these pages that form the Book of Life. The first candle to be lit revealed the Truth of the Self’s existence.

In the beginning the Self existed in a state of grace, which means being without sin. That is why it was written that ‘The end will be the same as the beginning’, regardless of how many life journeys it takes.

Altered States

We are all sentient beings i.e. living, conscious, aware, and so are all other beings that are capable of feeling and making choices.

There are those who say that there is no individuality that we are all one. If this were so then we would all feel the same, think the same, and make the same choices. Furthermore, if we were not individuals then there would be no denial or escape from empathy because all feelings would be known and shared.

To deny ones individuality is to deny responsibility for ones actions. You may have noticed that when someone does something good they take full credit for it, but when they do something wrong, they project the responsibility on to anyone or everyone but themselves. If people accept that they are not an individual entity, then how can they come to know the Self, or take full control of their own life?

The first rule of spiritual progression is to be completely honest with the Self.

The most important thing to all sentient beings, including ourselves, is how we feel, and it is how we feel that determines our actions. We do what we do because of how we feel and how we want to feel.

Throughout a life journey we experience many different feelings, and each one of those feelings is a state that we experience.

In the beginning we existed in a state of peace, and following Self-realization we experienced a state of pleasure also. These were mixed feelings that were in harmony with each other, and their combined effect created a new state; an altered state of peaceful pleasure.

The Self then knew how to gain pleasure, it would simply turn its focus of attention to the truth of Self-realization, but the feeling of pleasure seemed to have less affect each time due to familiarity, and so the Self was compelled to search for more knowledge of truth that would enhance the fading feeling of its pleasure.


Desire is the perception of a need to acquire something that the Self does not have.

Without desire the Self would do nothing but exist in a state of peaceful rest.

Desire serves only one purpose, and that is to gain pleasure for the Self to experience.

Pleasure can also be experienced by the Self, when the fulfillment of a desire is anticipated or expected.

When a desire is fulfilled the Self experiences a state of pleasure and that desire is silenced, until then the Self remains in a state of agitation, and if the desire cannot be fulfilled, the Self eventually experiences a state of frustration. If you are experiencing suffering you now know the cause.

I am reminded about the story of the monkey who reaches into a jar to grab a nut, but when he clenches it in his hand he cannot get his hand out of the jar. If the monkey had changed his method he could have had that nut, but the monkey did not possess the knowledge of another method, and he was so frustrated that he couldn’t think of one, he was overpowered by desire, and reasoning had left him. Eventually he walked away. He could have turned the jar upside down, or he could have broken it. No-one likes to feel defeated, but wisdom says if you can’t have pleasure it is better to have peace.

I remember looking at the world and thinking; ‘Why is it like this? So much conflict, suffering, selfishness, and unbelievable acts of pure evil and ignorance.’ But I also saw those who were kind, compassionate and caring, and I wondered at the cause of all these things. It was then that I realized that everyone was engaged in fulfilling their own personal desires in pursuit of personal pleasure, even myself, and so I looked deeper.


The world has been lead to believe that there is only one kind of Love, that all Love is righteous, and they are lead to believe that hate is the opposite of Love, and so all hate is unrighteous, yet a bad person can hate what is righteous and a good person can hate what is unrighteous. In Truth there are two kinds of Love and two kinds of hate. If the heart which is the seat of desire is to be healed then the true nature of Love and hate must be revealed and understood.

Love is the feeling of pleasure that is experienced by the Self when a desire is fulfilled, or when its fulfillment is contemplated.

Hate is the feeling of pain that is experienced by the Self when a desire cannot be fulfilled or its prevention is contemplated.

Love is a feeling of pleasure. Hate is a feeling of pain.

You cannot Love and hate at the same time, that is why forgiveness is necessary.

It is said that money can’t buy Love, but people Love material possessions paid for with money. People Love money because it gives them the power to acquire things that will allow them to experience pleasurable feelings. The problem is that material things are incapable of feeling, and so they are incapable of fulfilling Love. In other words, material possessions bring only temporary pleasure and limited and conditional Love.

Those who have awakened search for a greater and permanent Love, not through material things but through a spiritual connection with others. They are awakened because they have become empathic and so they are able to sense and experience what others feel.

Without empathy Love cannot be fulfilled or made righteous and perfect, and so the Self cannot experience the ultimate and permanent form of pleasure, it cannot become Love and Truth.

We are what we feel; there is ‘I’ and there is ‘I AM’. ‘What you have within you will save you if you bring it forth’.

I was awakened when I came into this world and my eyes were never closed or my empathy dulled, and my life journey began the same as all sentient beings life journeys do. I was a pleasure seeker, but one constrained by empathy. It was not the worldly things that I sought pleasure from, but the pleasure of loving others and having that Love returned. We give so much and receive so little in return, and as our empathy grows, we lose control of it due to lack of wisdom. We become deceived and used by those who have no empathy. Those who care only for themselves and seek only the pleasures gained from wealth and power. They judge us from their ignorance and place little or no value on our lives, but we are compelled to forgive them for the sake of our own souls, for peace, because they no not what they do.

It is said that the end is the same as the beginning. In the beginning we were in a state of grace, meaning we were without sin, the end will be the same for all of us. How many life journeys that will take, will depend on our choices and what we learn from them.

We are pleasure seekers, let our pleasure be found in what is good and right, we are alone or we are together, we are united or we are in conflict, and where there is conflict, there is suffering.

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