The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

Not of this World

I tell you in Truth that the days of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are almost over. Their false, plagiarized and adulterated doctrines will be burnt up, and the Truth they have concealed will rise from the ashes, and mankind will walk free and equal into a new world, a world without darkness and deceit, a world where life is worth living for everyone, a world without fear and conflict, a world where love and Truth are experienced in their fullness.

See where they have led you, where they have led the whole world, and how they have profited from your suffering, and watch as their true faces are revealed.

They make laws to control the masses but they refuse to be bound by them themselves, and each law gives them more control over your life, and they enforce those laws with violence, which may be physical or psychological. There is either the same law for everyone, or there is no law.

To Love one another and be Truthful is enough law for anyone, because Truth is the cause and Love is its effect. This is how we know those who have no Truth, because they have no Love that is righteous.

When I became enlightened I had broken every bond I had made except for Love, and I had become honest enough with myself to realize that I knew for certain only two things; that I existed and that Love was the only thing worth living for. I had become an atheist as far as belief in God was concerned, and I really didn’t care if there was life after death; you see this had made my Love unconditional. It was then that I was filled with Love, it permeated every part of my being, and my mind was filled with light. In a moment I understood everything, and it led me to the scriptures.

They were always about the Self and the way back to the light. What I found will shock the world, and some will hate me for what I reveal, but I will reveal those things anyway, because if I don’t, the world will be lost and the path to Heaven with it.

I want to take you to the Gospel of Thomas, Logion 2:

Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All”.

I can tell you now that what you are about to discover will trouble you, and you will become astonished and part of the reason why is contained in the words ‘and he will rule over the ALL.’ These words actually reveal that you will become a God, because only a God can rule over the ALL.

A God is of course the creator and ruler of the universe. It should be understood that each of us has our own universe, not a physical/material one, but rather a spiritual one, a place that the Self, as a spiritual being, has not left.

The scriptures were not written to teach you about the creator of the physical/material universe, they were written to teach you about your Self and your journey to perfection, where life in its fullness is experienced through Love and Truth.

There is nothing in the scriptures that should be interpreted literally, they are not for the eyes of the spiritually blind, or those who do not have the ears to understand, and yet it is those kind of people with their materialistic minds that have made themselves religious guides and interpreters. But what they have harmed will be healed, what they have taken away shall be given back. The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the crippled will walk, and the sick will be healed.

Before I go further, I tell you in Truth that there are no flaws in the scriptures, and no contradictions, every word is true, and what is hidden beneath the veil that covers them, is more precious and beautiful than you could have imagined.

The scriptures begin with Genesis, which begins by describing the awakening of the Self at the beginning of a new life journey. This is followed by the creation and division of its spiritual universe, and all that the self creates within it. I will be posting a full interpretation at a later date.

The Book of Revelation is found at the end of the scriptures and describes the end of the Self’s final life journey where it reaches perfection. The full interpretation is coming soon.

In between Genesis and Revelation are stories that are lessons designed to guide the Self on its journey.

There are no references to actual physical beings in the scriptures, they are all personified spirits that are created by and belong to the Self.

As I progress with my teachings, everything will become plain, and you will know that I have spoken the Truth.

There have been many scriptures left out of the Bible, and indeed declared to be heresy. The real reason for this is that they expose the falseness of the doctrines that the religious organizations were teaching.

There is nothing that is of the physical or material that can enter or exist in the spiritual realm, and yet I say in Truth, God is within you and Jesus Christ also.

God is a reference to the Self, and Jesus Christ is your true and righteous image. There is ‘I’ and there is ‘I AM’. It is only through this image of Love and Truth that the Self returns to the Self as a conqueror of the darkness, and ‘I’ becomes ‘I AM’. That is why Jesus Christ and God are one.

You should read the scriptures carefully, and ask yourself; ‘who is Jesus speaking to?’ I tell you in Truth it was his own personified spirits.

We each have 7 spirits and 4 powers and they are mentioned in many places in the scriptures. We must take control of them and rule over them, because when we don’t, they rule over us and become our masters.

When people seek power over others it is because they have lost their power over themselves.

I have much to teach and I offer it without condition, because that is the way of Love.

Love and blessings,



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