The Gospel of Thomas

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The Supremacy of Love

Love is a proven thing; its effects can be felt, seen and experienced personally.

Love is a reality that cannot be denied.

The prime directives of carnal instincts, including the preservation and survival of the physical body, are left secondary to the power of Love.

You know Love is real, and you know that it ends conflict, greed and hate.

Love creates peace, harmony and compassion.

Love is a religion unto itself, it has its own laws, doctrines and expectations, and there are consequences for not abiding by what Love expects.

To be true to Love it must be fully understood, accepted freely as Truth, and chosen as the way you desire to live your life. Love must also be felt and shared.

Being true to Love has never been easy, and there are many times when loving souls find themselves suffering for their Love and being tempted to act in opposition to it, and then feel the hurt of guilt for doing so. It is at times like this that they feel that all of the good they have done, and all their past triumphs are laid waist, but no act of Love could ever lose its value.

When a loving soul feels hurt for the wrong they have done to others they feel the hurt of repentance, but that hurt is not caused by Love, it is caused by the recognition of what they have done wrong. Therefore it is the sin that hurts and it is not the Love that judges them. Love simply tells a person what they have done wrong and the person judges themselves. This is the condemnation and perfect justice of Love. The only way to avoid such hurt is to deny Love, and many sadly choose to do this.

No-one likes the feeling of being wrong, criticism can be very hurtful, but where criticism is justified, a person has two options, the first is to accept the Truth and learn, and the second is to deny the Truth, which of course makes a person dishonest and twice as wrong as they were in the first place. Criticism of course is not always right or justified, but a wise person will always consider it with honesty, and a wiser person would take into account understanding, compassion and forgiveness. Anyone who criticises another should also be aware of their own faults. If you are to judge others, you must be prepared to judge yourself or be judged. Love and the Truth that it reveals is the supreme judge.

If you are to become perfected in Love, then you must choose it completely, along with both the joy and the suffering that may be experienced. The suffering is of course the cross that a loving soul must carry and by carrying it, we are made righteous and witnesses to the way mankind can live in harmony, peace and Love.

Love is what life is all about, without it there will never be peace on earth, or in the mind of anyone. There will always be competition, mistrust, wars, famine, inequality, greed, selfishness, hate and suffering, along with theft, murder and envy. How then can mankind survive extinction? What can science do to change this? It may postpone the inevitable or hasten it, for it is rarely in the hands of loving souls. If I had just come to visit this planet, I would think; ‘where is the supposed intelligence of mankind? Surely it is insanity that I see, a species that has lost almost all of its reasoning and logic, most of whom care only for themselves and the pleasure they can experience in their brief time on earth.’

We have to change this while there is still time. People have to come together to work for the common good of all. There is no time for part-time Love for your neighbour. People have no right to put on the face of Love to attract others into liking and accepting them, while at the same time refusing to acknowledge in their hearts the suffering of others. Such people carry no cross. They are like children only eating what they like and spitting the rest out. They are selfish, thinking only of their own pleasure, security and acceptance by others.

If you want to change the world then you must become a witness to that change. Speak, act and judge from a heart full of Love. Who can stand against you but those who are in the wrong, selfish and blind to other people’s feelings and living a forgetful and meaningless life?

I tell you in Truth, the day will come when many will look back and take account of their life and its worth or lack of it. I know for certain what will come next. Some will have earned their way out and to Love’s reward, and some will return to the world they left behind.

People must open their eyes. They must look at others and ask; ‘How would I feel if I were in their position?’ For someday you may be, and if there is no-one who recognizes how you feel, then who is there to care?

Don’t let Love die in you, let it grow, for without that Love in the world things would only get worse. Choose the narrow path for it is the path of Love, and the only way Home. It is better to suffer for Love than to suffer for that which is against Love.

Now I have not mentioned God yet, this is because your Love should not be dependent on the existence of God. It should not be dependent on reward either, because these two things would mean that your Love is conditional.

There are those who ask me about being sent to hell in the afterlife for disobeying God, so I would like to clear that up now.

What this doctrine teaches, is of a god who commands; ‘Love me and do as I command, or when your life in the world is ended, I will put you and your physical body in a lake of fire, and torture you for an eternity.’ Now I’m not sure who came up with this idea, but it certainly wasn’t a being with even the smallest bit of Love in him, and it certainly wasn’t a loving God. It is without doubt the most frightening, cruel and unloving punishment imaginable, and what I would call a brilliant and evil piece of ‘terror psychology’, devised for no other reason than the control of people by the selfish and unloving. If a person were to believe this doctrine, then their Love for such a god would definitely be conditional. It doesn’t save people from a lake of fire, it puts them in a mind full of fear and torment, which is the real meaning of the lake of fire. Such beliefs can fester in the subconscious mind, and can surface at times when the Self is isolated from the world, such as in NDEs or when crossing over into the spiritual realm. It can also happen in dreams or meditations that appear to be visions.

In 1 John 4 KJV, it is said; ‘God is Love’. This is because God’s mind is full of Love, and what is in the mind determines the state of the Self, in other words, the Self vibrates in harmony with what is in the mind, therefore the Self becomes Love, and because Love reveals the Truth, the Self becomes Truth also.

The soul is eternal, as are Love and Truth. The only things you can sacrifice for Love in this world, are your own physical pleasures and your physical body, which you will lose anyway. It is much better to sacrifice these things than to sacrifice the Love and Truth which you can take with you.

Stay on the path of Love and Truth, and know that every step is a step towards enlightenment, whose true meaning is standing in the presence of God as a perfected soul. Have faith, for faith is the strength of your belief.

Let your faith be in Love, in God.

The word ‘LOVE’ has been so misused that its true meaning has almost been lost. It is because of this that love has become very difficult to define, and without the ability to define ‘LOVE’, it cannot be understood as anything more than a feeling, and yet love is much more than a feeling.

A person may say ‘I love my car’, or job or the place that I live. In reality they are saying that they derive the feeling of pleasure from material things.

There are many things that can give a person feelings of pleasure for instance, some people derive the feeling of pleasure from hurting or killing other people, and so it is apparent that love is more than a feeling of pleasure.

If you woke up one day and found that all other life on the earth had disappeared, so that everything left on the earth was yours, then you would have an unlimited supply of pleasure derived from material things. Imagine for a while what you would do, as everything that you strived and competed for suddenly became yours. You can do as you please, take what you want, and go where you want. Imagine that.

How long would it be before you cried out for the company of another living being? How long before you realised the true worth of things? What would you trade for the company of a friend?

Love is not just a feeling of pleasure, it is the LAW that we should live by, a law that fulfils our greatest need, the need for each other. It is all that we ever had to learn.

The feeling of pleasure derived from Love, is the ultimate pleasure of bonding with others, of feeling pleasure in expressing what is good and right for each other, and living in harmony.

Bonding in accordance with the Laws of Love, is the last link in mankind’s spiritual evolution and on its completion, all will know peace, unity, equality, and God. Only then will we look back at this untidy place of conflict and cruelty, and see our painful rebirth into perfected children of God.

We live in a world where the general philosophy of life is; if it feels good then it must be the right way to live, and if something is pleasurable it is Love and worthy of belief as Truth.


If you search the world’s library of mankind’s stored knowledge, you will find that there are many conflicting opinions concerning the definitions of what Love and Truth are. Without the solid foundations of unchallengeable definition of Love and Truth, each individual is left with the choice of either coming to their own conclusions, based on their own experiences, acquired knowledge, and personal desires, or is left to accept the claims of those that they are unable to challenge, because of fear, uncertainty, or the feeling of being less intellectual.


The sad fact is that people have been blinded to the Truth or have had their faith in both Love and Truth shaken by people who have deceived them. For a lot of people it has come to the point where they just don’t know what to believe any more, and they are not sure who they can trust.


Without a clear definition of Love and Truth, it is foolish to commit oneself fully; at best it is just taking a chance. Many people have been taken advantage of, used, and led down the wrong paths in life because they do not understand what Love is, or they are not sure what Truth is.


I have heard people say that Love is no more than a warm fuzzy feeling, or even that Love has no value in their life. As for Truth, many people are saying Truth is what you make it. What then is there for the world or the individual, when so much remains vague and blurred, when everyone’s beliefs are in conflict with those of other people?


It is no wonder that people are tempted to do wrong to others even though their nature is loving, and it is no wonder that people have been killed or have killed others in the name of their religion.


Where questioning ends, conformity begins.

Where responsibility for one’s own actions end, so does that person’s Love and Truth.


If you do not fully understand what Love is, then how can you avoid the hurt caused by those who pretend to be loving? How can you be sure that you are judging rightly if you do not understand the very thing that you are judging with? How easily the plant with shallow roots is pulled up. How easily a house built on sand collapses. There is no force that can destroy Loves’ true foundations, and there is no mystery to those who have known them.


If you do not understand what Truth is, then how can you be sure that you have it? How can you be sure that what others claim to be the Truth is the Truth?


If Love and Truth were no more than ideas constructed by man, or if they had no foundations beyond the material, then mankind/s only struggle would be against itself, and each person would find themselves in a struggle against the rest of the species, in pursuit of self preservation, the acquisition of pleasure and the avoidance of pain to the self. In these circumstances any agreement to behave according to a set of morals would be no more than a deception, by those whose true motives are to control the actions of those who they see as competitors, the ones that they have risen above in the evolutionary chain. It would truly be survival of the fittest in a world where life has no meaning for existence, other than to survive and experience pleasure.

So you see my friend, the most important thing that you must search for is Love and Truth. Without these and a full understanding of them, there is only the blind leading the blind.


A life lived in uncertainty is no more than a life endured.


I will teach you of Love and Truth, and in recognizing what you have already, you will know the way and be certain of it. Only then will each step that you take in this life journey, be planted on solid ground and your faith will release the power within. I will make all things new.

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