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If you have read the article ‘My enlightenment’, you will know that before it occurred, I had no interest and very little knowledge concerning the bible, but as a kid I had been introduced to the Church’s teachings concerning an angry, vengeful and jealous God and hell. I have to say that church doctrine, once heard, plants a seed of unmatched fear in the subconscious mind, a fear that is incredibly difficult to erase. I mean, there was always the thought of ‘what if it’s true?


Well I didn’t like this God they were presenting to the world, this God they were planting in the subconscious minds of millions of people, this God who would love and reward you if you submitted yourself to the Church’s authority, but would roast you alive for eternity if you didn’t. Now I knew what love was, and I knew what unconditional love was. I also knew the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. I mean, these things are diametrically opposed. To roast one of your children alive for eternity must be about the most evil thing possible, especially as you have put them in the position of great temptation in the first place.


One of the things that I did prior to enlightenment was to challenge this God, openly and without fear, to a personal confrontation. I wanted to tell this God face to face how unloving and cruel he was. I didn’t care if I was sentenced to roast in hell for an eternity; my love demanded that much of me. Well he certainly had his opportunity when a few months later I had a heart attack, but guess what, there was silence in heaven, and that which had been planted in my subconscious was dissolved to nothing. To me this God the Church taught of simply didn’t exist, and that left me questioning the belief in the afterlife.


I took into consideration my pre-birth experience in my mother’s womb and how I was aware of where I was and what was to come at my birth. I also considered the recurring dreams that I had as a child, how my life journey as a spiritual being first began on a sea of glass for example, and the dreams of thunder that began very quiet and built up to a volume so loud that I awoke in terror. I mean, all this when I was less than five years old. I also considered the vision that I had in later life, a vision of Christ having a third eye in his forehead. This occurred when I had no interest in anything religious; it was the last thing that I would expect to happen. I remember the Christ saying; ‘Everything will be all right’.


If you are wondering about my recurring dream of the sea of glass, I will tell you here.

As I looked out from myself, I gazed across what appeared to be a vast ocean; both the sea and sky were dark. The sea was so calm that it appeared like glass. I felt a great peace inside of me, then there was a disturbance in the sea and it began to turn choppy, the waves seemed to be spikey, small waves whose tips seemed to get sharper, and as the surface of the seas changed, so did the feeling that I was experiencing, you know, like when your whole nervous system in your physical body seems to be agitated. And as I watched, a ship began to sail by; it was like an old galleon ship. Then the sea calmed once more. I didn’t realize what this dream meant until after my enlightenment and I found the sea of glass mentioned in the book of Revelation.


My vision concerning Christ was so vivid, as if I was fully awake and aware, and at that time in my life I wasn’t even searching for answers, and spiritual things were far from my mind.


It was a dark, cloudy night in the vision with a bit of rain, thunder and lightning. I walked out onto the balcony, to my left I noticed about four men in suits, and for some reason I got the impression they were from the government. I looked to my right and there was Jesus. He looked so peaceful and loving, as if shining somehow. The strange thing was that he had a third eye in the centre of his forehead. Now I don’t know how to explain this even now, but his face was beautiful. He spoke only a few words saying; ‘Everything is going to be all right’, then the vision ended.


The vision played on my mind for a long time after, but even so I didn’t turn, or even consider turning to Christianity, as for the third eye, I had no understanding of its meaning or significance.


So considering all of these things that had happened in my life, I began to question the reality of them, until uncertainty crept in.


I considered if there was life after death, and I wasn’t sure anymore, so I turned to logic and I reasoned that if there was life after death, then the adventure would continue. It would mean that I was immortal. If there was no life after death, then my awareness would be ended and there would be no more suffering.


What was to come after death didn’t matter; the only thing that did matter was; 'what was I going to do with the life that I knew I had left to live.'


The greatest driving force in my life had been love, it was a part of me, and that had made my life in this world very difficult at times, I got taken advantage of so many times, because of this, I tried to rebel at times against love, but I suffered for rebelling with feelings of shame. This world is a harsh and cruel place for loving souls; it can be confusing, striving so hard to be loved, always trying to please others, feeling the hurt of others and wanting to take away their hurt, even if it means you take the hurt instead of them. Surely we would suffer in place of others.


This had been my life, it was a truth that I saw that love was the way. So I decided that whatever came, no matter how much I would suffer for it, I was going to be true to myself. I was going to live for love and my love would be unconditional. Even without God or an afterlife I would do what I knew was right and loving. My pleasure would be found, as it has always been, in doing good for others. I had no other knowledge of any worth other than love was the way, it was the only truth that I had faith in, and that faith alone was unbreakable.


I didn’t ask for enlightenment, and never in my life had I considered it. When it came it was in an instant, like a flash of lightning, so unexpected, and following came the thundering of complete realization of all truth. This is the burden that I carry, the burden of speaking the truth in a world that has been deceived beyond measure, a world where the few have disempowered the many, a world of souls set against each other in the pursuit of power, a world where selfishness reigns, a world where to some their own life is more precious than all other life. They cannot make even the simplest living, conscious, aware creature from the dust of this material world, and yet they hold the dust to be more precious and worthy of worship than any living thing.


How do you think people rise to positions of power, where they amass great wealth, power and authority? With knowledge that you do not have, knowledge they have kept secret, knowledge of psychology, (soul science) and by being devoid of empathy. Politics and religion have become the greatest forms of control and deceit.


There is something I have not told you concerning my enlightenment. The light that I saw was my own mind, and that light permeated my whole spiritual body. The perfect Love that I felt was my own Spirit of Love. I didn’t just stand in the light, I was the light, and this is the destiny of all loving souls.  This is where the teachings of the Bible lead.


The first thoughts after my enlightenment were; ‘What have they done?’ and ‘He suffered and died for nothing’. You see, the world has been led to believe in a different God, a false God, one who serves the purpose of the spiritually dead and blind, and the message in the Bible that was hidden and revealed once more by Jesus Christ, has been hidden again, by the false church. This is why the world has not changed for the better, and it is why loving souls have not found peace. Religion and politics are corrupted, and because of this the corruption has spread through society.


It is those with power that make laws in this world, and it is men who judge and punish according to those laws, but what spirits guide these men in their making of laws and judging and punishing those who break them? Men's laws are made to suit those in power, and often it seems that they are above the law. Men’s laws are transient, ever changing, but the law of Love is unchanging and everyone is judged equally and justly. A wise man once said; ‘The law either applies to everyone or it applies to no-one’. You see, if a law doesn’t apply to the powerful and wealthy, then it applies to no-one.


If you could see what I see, then you would realize that no-one in the world has a right to judge anyone, that the game being played by mankind is foolish and futile, it is the path of suffering and destruction.


So what is in the Bible that the spiritually dead and blind have not realized? There is only knowledge that benefits the spiritual being; all of the teachings are about the Self, the mind, the spirits, in fact it is all about the kingdom within, and how to overcome evil. It is about becoming a Christ, i.e. filled with the Holy Spirit of Love. It is about becoming a God, i.e. a perfected child of the Father of Gods. The spiritually dead and blind will read its verses and take them literally, as if they were historic events, but in Truth, they are a collection of stories like parables, and in each is a spiritual teaching. Salvation is not found in worldly things, it is found in Love and Truth, these are the only things that perfect the soul.


I will reveal the secrets and the Truth will set you free. You have my Love and the Love of our Father. It is not followers I seek, it is leaders. It is all about you, your perfection; it always was.


The next article will be about coming to know yourself, the powers and principalities that you struggle against, and how to take back your life as the master.


Love and blessings,


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