The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

Is it too late?

I sometimes feel that I am wasting my time that it is too late to save anyone, but the Love in me leaves me no choice other than to keep trying whatever the cost to myself.

People may be ignorant, but no-one in this world is so ignorant that they cannot see what is approaching very rapidly, not unless they are completely psychopathic and deluded. Some think that it doesn’t matter what they do to satisfy their selfish desires as long as they can avoid being punished by others. They do not believe that they will survive longer than their physical body, and so anything that stops them enjoying and preserving the life that they have, is to be avoided like the plague. For such people Love simply means enjoying what gives them personal pleasurable feelings. Empathy guilt and compassion are to them, no more than things of the conscience, and are therefore the weaknesses of those who they prey on. It is such powers that allow these people to dominate the rest of mankind for whose lives they have no respect. Their ways are like poison that spreads like a disease, and men follow them because they fear them. Truth is what they choose it to be, and they make it the law by which all of their victims must comply.

It is written that God is Love and the Holy Spirit of God is Truth, but you do not have to believe in a creator to believe in Love and realize the Truth. You do not need God to poke his head through the clouds to convince you that Love is the way and to show the validity of Truth.

It is because man has chosen to be selfish rather than to Love one another that mankind has almost reached a point of self-annihilation and is drenched in suffering and insecurity.

It is because selfishness has been preferred above the reality of its effects that Truth has become hated.

It is not the possibility of a creator that men fear, rather it is Love and Truth, because both condemn and put to shame the ignorant.

If man is to be saved then they must accept the judgements of Love and Truth. Yes it will cause them suffering, but that suffering pales into insignificance compared to what is coming as a result of being selfish and dishonest with both others and the Self.

What is it that you search for, what is it that you want?

I tell you in Truth that it is a peaceful mind and the admiration of Love.

Now there are 2 ways to achieve these things, and they are:

The complete rejection of Love and Truth


The complete acceptance of Love and Truth

Anywhere in between these 2 you will experience only suffering, and are you not in that space of suffering because you choose to be?

You are caught between 2 opposing desires because you have not considered fully the outcome of choosing one or the other completely, so how can you ever no peace unless you silence one of these desires?

If you choose to silence your unselfish desires and are selfish, then what happens when your life is about to end? Well you may well have had a pleasurable life at the expense of other people’s suffering, and you may think you’ve gotten away with it, but I tell you in Truth that you haven’t, and besides this there is the harm you have done to mankind and the legacy you have left behind for others to inherit. I tell you in Truth that you will come back into the world that you left behind, and you will come back as an innocent and helpless child, having paid for everything you did not repent for in this life.

If you choose to silence your selfish desires then you will not have to come back into the world and even I will kneel at your feet in praise, as will all loving souls.

Both the good things and the evil things have their effects. Evil can only end in complete evil; good can only end in complete good. Evil is always destructive, and this is why the end of mankind is so close. It is not the end of man that is coming, rather it is the end of all that is good and right, it is the end of Love and Truth in the world, and those who inherit this world will live as animals, competing as animals, each one receiving the things they desired the most, the superiority of their animal instincts and the silencing of Love and Truth.

Is it not time to be honest and face and conquer the dragon within?

I could spend the rest of this life interpreting the scriptures the way that they were meant to be read, but if you really need the scriptures to know what is good and right, then aren’t you asking for proof of what is good and right? If it is not in your heart already it is because it has been rejected. If you have even a little Love and Truth the seeds have germinated. I can only advise you how to tend to those seeds so that they grow. If you are too busy with the world to tend to them then it doesn’t matter what I say because they will die.

If you are with me then have faith in what I way, and do not be ashamed of speaking the Truth simply to be accepted by others, who are ignorant of it.

I tell you in Truth that there are atheists who are closer to God than the majority of organised religious followers, because in the absence of proof of God they are still capable of loving others as themselves, and they not afraid to question.

Those who put their religion before their Love for all other loving beings, and kill and enslave others in defence of their religion have never known God. They worship man made gods and through them justify murder, lies, theft and domination. They gain converts by putting them in terrible fear, and they entice them with the offer of a material/physical reward.

The one true God gave us free will; the servants of false gods seek only to take that away.

The one true god taught us to Love each other, the servants of false gods teach us to hate, enslave and kill each other.

False gods only serve the interests of those who have submitted to their animal instincts. There are also atheists who have submitted to their animal instincts also.

See how they fight each other with their wisdom of the flesh.

Love and Truth never made a fool of anyone, that is something men do to each other.

Is it too late? That is up to you, not God, or me, or anyone else.

Love and blessings


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