The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

How Would You Recognize Christ?

There never was a time in the history of mankind that the world more desperately needed a Messiah, a Christ, a Saviour. There have been many in the past and even today there are those who claim that they are the second coming, the expected Christ who will save mankind, but what have they done to change anything? What have they revealed that was not already known? They are false Christs driven by their own vanity, seeking the worship of those they have seduced and blinded. How easily the desperate are made easy believers, how easily those made to fear are controlled, how easily those seeking reward are lead, how easily those desperate to be loved and accepted are deceived.


How would you know for certain who is the true Christ? What would you expect of him?


I tell you in Truth that what a person expects is dependent on their measure of Love and Truth, or absence of these things.


If there had been a Christ in the world before now, then they would have unsealed the books, they would have revealed what was hidden in them, and the true Gospel of the Kingdom would have been preached throughout the world once more. Even now I have begun unsealing the books and revealing their mysteries, and as you read you will realize that what the world has waited for has arrived, and you will realize who it is that is speaking to you.


Love is the judge of all things, and it is from Love that all Truth emanates. In these things is found the sacred and Holy life of the perfected children of God, for they are the children of Love. I am the faithful witness, become you also as I.


Love and blessings


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