The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

Birth of the Soul

I want to take you back now, to a time and place that you have long forgotten. It is no less than the beginning of your life as a soul.

The Self’s attributes are, awareness, desire and will, but without ‘mind’ there is no place for thoughts and without thoughts, the Self has nothing to be aware of, not even its own existence; it is in effect unconscious. Without something to be aware of, both desire and will remain dormant. The Self at this point would be like a seed planted in dry soil, and remaining dormant (dead) in the absence of water and light.

The requirements of life are; the Self, the mind and thought. Take way one of these and life is also taken away.

The Self was born without life; it was unconscious. No thoughts had been created in the mind and so the Self was unaffected. It had no desire for anything because it did not know anything. Even the knowledge of one’s own existence requires a thought. Left on its own in this state it would remain that way.


The Self only becomes active when it is nudged by the Father. This causes a change in the Self’s state which the self becomes aware of, i.e. it becomes aware of its own existence. It is like waking from a sleep into emptiness.

Here is a poem that explains things quite well.


God’s Seed

In the light I was born, a pure spiritual being

In the stillness and silence, not knowing yet seeing


It was then that I felt this space I am in

And knowing became a thought that made my journey begin


There in that place not knowing of time

I gazed at the thought, a creation of mine


I had felt and created in that place that was still

It was done without realising my expression of will


The more that I looked the more I did feel

Until came another, I exist, I am real


This thought was different it started a fire

And a question did form with the birth of desire


What am I? began my quest

And why I exist, then followed the rest


I left that place of peace and light

In darkness to learn what is good and right


Desire will not end and peace never known

Until I surrender to Love, God’s seed that has grown


After each lifetime where the self has not managed to become Self realized and enlightened, the same thing occurs, i.e. the mind is emptied and the Self is stilled, then rebirth occurs. The Self then continues its journey in the same state as it was when its last journey ended. It feels as it did before rebirth, yet it doesn’t understand why. This is why children are born with different temperaments.

Those who have reached a high degree of perfection, but have not quite made it, are here for their final journey, they came with a mission that can only be achieved when they become empowered by self realization. That mission is to spread Love upon the earth for the salvation of their soul family. Blessed are these, and blessed is the world because of them. They are born with the sight of spiritual awareness and empathy, they are but a step from Heaven and our Father.

Other mysteries revealed:

Now I shall explain the mystery of; The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Many have been puzzled as to why God is called the Father and to why Jesus so often referred to himself as ‘the son of man’. You will also see that it has been through the ignorance, vanity, insecurity and wrongful and biased interpretations of the ‘men of the world’, that women have had to endure the accusation of causing the fall from grace, and have also been treated as if they had less worth than men, leading also to the belief that women were created as no more than the servants of men. Let us put these things right and give back the dignity and equality, that so rightfully belongs to what are also God’s children.

There is God and there is Heaven. There is also that which is in Heaven i.e. knowledge, and these three represent the Holy Trinity, Holy meaning separate and perfect. These three are; The Father self, The Mother mind, and the Spirit which gives life, i.e. knowledge of Truth.

God is referred to as the Father because it is the male which produces the seed.

The mind is referred to as Mother because the female is where the seed is nourished and life is created. For its time, this was a very good analogy.

Lions can only beget lions, birds can only beget birds, fish can only beget fish and a God can only beget a god, and so all of God’s children are made in the image of God.

We are the seed of the Father, and not a part of the environment that we find ourselves in, i.e. the mind, therefore we are all male. That is why Jesus told his disciples (when they protested against Mary receiving the teachings) that he would make her male. Meaning that he would make her self realized.

This is why Jesus referred to himself as the ‘Son of Man’ as opposed to, the Son of Man and Woman. He knew that he was the child of the Father, and not as many who have fallen into the belief that they are also the mind. He knew that he was the seer and not that which he saw. He had torn the veil which hides ones true identity, and in doing so, Heaven was revealed to him.

In reality there is no gender in spiritual beings, other than that found in illusion or the acceptance of false knowledge, arrived at by reasoning that is based on evidence that is incomplete and biased. Such wisdom is an illusion and of the mind. Wisdom being of the mind is called ‘Sophia’ and it was Jesus who said that wisdom stands or falls on its own merits.

In the beginning, there was only God, and so it can be seen that God did not procreate to make God’s children. All of God’s children came from God alone. When souls come into the world and take on the clothes of the physical body, they also act according to its gender. This is required for the creation of more physical bodies for other souls to use when they too come into the world. Usually the physical body is well defined according to male or female gender, however the body’s genetics do not always result in a definite gender, and sometimes the soul prefers a gender other than that which is defined by the physical body, and so the soul acts according to its own will. In every case the soul itself remains perfect. Although unrelated to this, it can also be said that those who we see as disabled are also perfect souls. It is the imperfect mind that sees another soul as less than itself. This is because it sees the clothes (physical body) and not the wearer (the soul). It is not what a person does that causes offence, but rather it is one’s own fears and ignorance. God’s Love is unconditional, and it is for all souls.

Self realization purifies the mind, which dissolves the ignorance that causes the darkness therein. The light that is revealed is of the same nature and state as when the Self first experienced life. The difference being that the knowledge of Truth that one has gained and stored remains. What happens next of course depends on what you desire.

When you become Self realized, even God has no power over you or your will, you become a grown up son of the Father, which will result in one of three outcomes.

  1. If your greatest desire is for love’s fulfilment, for a bonding of Love that is perfect and unbreakable, then the enlightened mind becomes a bridal chamber. The bride is God’s mind, Heaven, and you are the bridegroom, it is there that the marriage takes place and you yourself become a Christ, and when you have lived out your life in this world, you go to God’s domain, the place of your birth, and there all barriers are removed, and nothing stands between you and the Father, or even other souls that are there. It is a place of perfect Love, the absolute truth and creation according to will. Everything that is there, including God’s knowledge, is yours to share. It is an infinite domain and it is your true home.
  2. If you see that Love is the way, and your desire is to end suffering, yet you do not desire the attachment of bonding to another soul, then you become as Buddha, and because there is no desire to bond, God remains unrevealed and unknown, until the final lesson after life’s journey has ended in the world.
  3. It is only ignorance of the Self that prevents Self realization. Anyone can turn their attention on to the self, the ‘I’, and become Self realized. Therefore there are those who are devoid of empathy and who care only for themselves, that have achieved self realization. The secret of Self realization has been known to many anti Christs through the ages, and they have used it to rule the rest of mankind. Although they have guarded the secret their power, wealth and actions have made them apparent to all with eyes. Such a soul will one day soon be placed upon a throne, and rightly call himself a ‘God’. It will not be the first time, but it will be the last, because this one will claim rulership over all of the world, and all life upon it.


The blind cannot see the sighted, but the sighted can see both the sighted and the blind.

I am your brother who sees you and loves you.

Love and peace


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