The Gospel of Thomas

Fully Interpreted

The World's Best Kept Secrets


There are those who say that Genesis was written by people who had looked at the world in the distant past, and in an attempt to understand and explain it, they came up with some answers that have been completely discredited by today's scientific discoveries.

The problem is that those who wrote Genesis were not speaking of the physical/material world, but rather they were speaking of the spiritual realm. It is only when this is understood that the scriptures are seen to be flawless, and that the whole of the Bible is a book of spiritual science. It is a book that will become known as; The book of enlightenment. It is a book that not only shows the path to your Christhood, but also to your Godhood. It is a book of Love and Truth, a book that will lift you from your knees and set you free.

There are also scriptures that were left out of the Bible, and this was done because what they contained came too close to revealing the keys of understanding; the Gospel Thomas is but one of them.

There is no Old and New Testament, there is only one that had to be re-given, and it was re-given by one who became the light, one who became the way, the truth and the life, and what he taught will not be found in the Church that claims to be leading others in his footsteps.

I am going to reveal the secrets of the mysteries, and tell you things that no-one else can. I am going to open the book that has been closed for 2,000 years. I will give you the eyes to see, and the ears to understand.

You always knew that there was more, come find it.

Love and blessings,


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